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Our Scandi Boho Bedroom Makeover

Our renovations are well underway and whilst out bodies may be suffering, we are very happy so far with the results! You know that good tired? Where every muscle aches but you feel a sense of satisfaction? That is pretty much the mood here! We have still got workmen around the house installing some new…

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House Tour, Sarah’s Vintage Upcycled Bedroom

Even if you have only one room to play with, you can make it your own. Starting with your bedroom in the home you grow up in, is often where many of us get the first bite of the rearranging bug! I spent many an hour creating zones in my bedroom as a teen. This…

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Why Anxiety Is Not All In Your Head

It was a regular Saturday night, late last November. My 20 year old son came home with a mate and their take-away dinners, and I couldn’t bear the smell. I started to feel sick. My hubby came home from bowling, hungry for his dinner too. I had to leave the room, the smell was so…

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Eco Friendly Natural Lime Paint with Bauwerk Colour

Sustainable no tox Lime Paint by Bauwerk Colour

  The world is full of beauty. The colours of our earth are inspiration for designers and artists of all kinds. Just look up at the trees as you walk past them through the bush. See the pinks and yellows, silvers and browns, as they cascade down the trunk and into the branches, where they…

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7 Reasons Why Winter is Good for your Wellbeing

I have always loved cold weather. I think it goes back to being a little girl growing up in Port Augusta, with sweltering summers. I would hang out for the cold changes. We had one old air conditioner in my parent’s room. My clever dad would engineer tunnels with cardboard running down the short hallway…

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