On The Inside Looking Out

dealing with type 1 diabetes

Duality, of these Glass walls, Created by my Body, and Mind. Growing, Ever taller, Ever thicker. They hold me  Safe, in this Space. They hold me Back, in this Prison. I look out Across a movie, of Life. Like my Cat Watching me, Through the Kitchen Window. Knowing, I could Reach out, Jump back in,…

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Sometimes, You Just Need to Breathe

Sometimes, you just need to breathe. You need to go to the sea, where the world becomes a dome of silver and blue, and the horizon never ends. You yearn to touch the soft, gritty sand, beneath your feet, between your toes, to become weightless, as you float in the salty water, face turned to…

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Faces of Hope and Optimism

This is me aged about 3 years old with my beautiful Mama. I had no idea what wonderful and terrible things would come in my life. Nobody does. At 52, my life is rich, and, if I stop to remember, there are just so many experiences and people and adventures. There’s also the quietness and…

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Choose Kindness

kidness and hope for one planet - fight against social media bullies

The world has gone mad. We are being run by people who value self interest, individuality, only their beliefs, money, power and personal gain. Alongside this, more and more people on social media forget that actual human beings are behind the posts they see on their feeds. I experienced this during the week. They often…

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