Tips For a More Eco-Friendly Road Trip

tips for an eco friendly road trip

What is your favourite way to see the world? Mine is undoubtedly via a road trip. We are about to embark on our first 2 week road trip without our other 2 boys. We have had a smaller trip as a trio, but this one will take us across to Daylesford, Melbourne and back via…

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Why You Don’t Have a Black Thumb

Do you love potted plants but feel like every time you try to bring some indoors, they die? Worse still do you then think you have a “black thumb” and just can’t grow plants? The idea that some people have a natural green thumb and others, a black one, is a long held one. I…

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Why You Need Potted Plants & How to Care Them

If you had not noticed, my home and my life, are filled with plants. Plants make you happy. They lift your mood immediately when you see them. They give you joy and a sense of achievement when you grow them. They enable you to stay present and mindful as you tend to them. As they…

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Poetry and Prose, Photos and Thoughts

I have been sharing more of my poetry and prose across social media lately, being myself and sharing my words. Social media is fickle and does not belong to us, so I thought I should start gathering these words and placing them here so they are not lost. I hope you enjoy, as I will…

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Creating Beautiful Upcycled Yard Art From Recycled Metals

upcycled rusty cow made from recycled metal

Do you love the look and feel of a bit of rusty metal around the place? Rusty metals, peeling paints and furniture with knocks and chips, make many of us fall in love with them, due to their visual feast, as well as the history and stories that lie behind each piece. Marlene Pearce from Adelong…

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Little Hipster Upcycled Cubbies & Playhouses

Upcycled Timber Cubby Houses from Little Hipster Kubbies

Do you remember the magic of a great cubby house? As kids my sister and I used to create them from whatever was available including the large peppercorn tree in our backyard where we spent ours with hours with our hands deep in mud pies. Our son has a fabulous recycled cubby house that John…

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