Five Minutes with A.L Tait #LoveAusAuthors

Allison Tait, or A.L Tait, as she is well-known as in the kidlit world, says she writes adventure stories because she is the least adventurous person she knows. ‘I like to send my characters to climb mountains, ford streams and generally get themselves into (and out of) trouble so I don’t have to do it.’…

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Five Minutes with Susanne Gervay #LoveAusAuthors

Susanne Gervay is a passionate advocate of literacy. She is an Ambassador for ‘Room to Read’, bringing literacy to more than 20 million children in Asia and Africa; a Role Model and on the committee for Books in Homes, which has brought nearly 3 million books to disadvantaged and indigenous children; and a Reading ambassador…

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Five Minutes with Michelle Lovi, Odyssey Books #LoveAusAuthors

Michelle Lovi Odyssey Books

Michelle Lovi is the founder and publisher at Odyssey Books and new imprints Publisher Obscura and Ensorcellia. After many years juggling a public service career with her role as Creative Director at Lip Magazine, freelancing as a web designer, and working as a publishing consultant, she turned to book publishing in 2009, when Odyssey Books…

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Five Minutes with Ann Harth #LoveAusAuthors

AUstralian children's authors

Ann Harth says writing gives her a voice. She began writing picture books because her son had ‘an allergy to reading,’ and as he has grown, she has continued writing books all the way through to YA. She writes characters her son can identify with and enjoys creating humorous, character-driven children’s books. ‘I believe instilling…

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#LoveAusAuthors New Australian Book Store!

Australian Book Store

#LoveAusAuthors Bookish Store I am excited to announce today that I will soon be launching my #LoveAusAuthors Australian book store online, alongside my blog series! It is a unique concept that I hope will support Australian authors and creatives at the same time. Aussie authors, if you are interested in me stocking your book/s and/or potentially…

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