How to Make English Granny Currant Loaf

how to make traditional english currant granny cake

Food and the history it has in your life, can be so powerful. So many occasions with loved ones revolve around food and the people who made it for you, or who you made it for. My dad’s Mum passed away in April 2016 at nearly 102 years old. She had a remarkable life and…

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Painting an Upholstered Chair with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Chairs are such a solid investment when it comes to furniture purchases. You can find chairs in secondhand stores, op shops, roadside and your grandmother’s shed. They are everywhere. When buying or finding a chair, look for solid features, line, design, shape. Don’t worry too much about the finish of the chair. They can be…

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Tips on Eco Friendly Timber Floor Finishes

tips on caring for your potted plants in winter and spring

Floors are not just something you walk on in your home. They are one of the biggest investments you will make and can set the mood, define a space, bounce or soak up light, impact how you feel and give that sense of pride in your home that most of us seek. There are a…

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How to Turn a Wall into a Whiteboard Using Paint!

how to create a whiteboard wall your children can write and draw on using Monsta Paint Write Wall whiteboard paint

**This post is brought to you in partnership with Monsta Paint Children’s bedrooms need to be a place they can be themselves. It is not just where they rest their heads, but also where they grow, develop, brainstorm, imagine and dream. If you were lucky enough to have a space all of your own as…

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