Why Vintage Shopping Makes You Happier

why vintage shopping makes you happier

The pace of life is something you seem to talk about a lot as you grow older. Once we hit October, the end of the year comes in a rush, and so many people comment that time is moving fast. When you are busy it is easy to forget to slow down and appreciate each…

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10 Tips for Op Shopping

10 tips for op shopping

As part of the movement to creating less waste, as well as saving some cash, more people are now recognising you can find quality items and do something good for other people and the world, by shopping vintage. This is especially true for clothing, furniture and homewares. I remember when I was little, my parents would take me around op…

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What the Heck is Wrong With Nana Style Decorating?!

what is wrong with nana style? how to incoporate vintage into your home

Judging other people about the way they look, or dress or decorate their home, is not ok. Social media has offered bullies and critics a vast playground in which to share their unwelcome and ridiculous comments about other people’s life choices. The only judgement we should make in life, is on people who deliberately hurt,…

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House Tour, Sarah’s Vintage Upcycled Bedroom

Even if you have only one room to play with, you can make it your own. Starting with your bedroom in the home you grow up in, is often where many of us get the first bite of the rearranging bug! I spent many an hour creating zones in my bedroom as a teen. This…

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5 Ways To Create a Shabby Chic Look in Your Home

how to create a shabby chic look in your home

Do you love a particular style of decor or are you more eclectic? I am a bit of a mixture and could really love a lot of styles, including Hamptons, French Country and Farmhouse. You may love colour, pattern and texture, or go more for a neutral palette. Or you may take elements of a…

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