We wake across the country, yet again choking on smoke and ash, even those of us removed from the horror of the fires. They touch us all in some way.

We see repeated images of traumatised animals and devastated habitats, people who are like the walking dead, the bad and the terrible side of human nature, throwing blame the wrong way, ignoring facts, trolling at a time where love is needed.

Leaderless, we flounder in uncertainty. Our children see all of this too, and they hear our worried voices. They wonder what their future holds. We ache for them…

Yet, amongst these things, we see leaders emerging, heroes rising, and the kindness of our fellow humans. We hear stories that remind us there is still so much good, so much to continue on for.

We see each other. We gather together on discussions about smoke in our homes, loved ones in the fire grounds, lost animals and habitats, we grieve together for the devastation and this new world we face. Those in the fires support each other, give practical and emotional support. Networks grow. Connections are formed; some fleeting, some lifelong.

Generosity blossoms from those who can give much needed funds. Generosity blossoms from those who can give love and practical support. We put pressure on government to make changes. We take action ourselves. Artists and writers and wildlife groups, all band together to help in their unique ways.

It’s for the people, by the people.

We wish so very much for things to be different. But this is the new world, this is the new Australia. No more, the long, lingering summers of our childhood, spent mostly outdoors. Gone is the certainty of safety, clean air and blue summer skies.

In its place we must create other certainties:
– That we will stand together to push for all of the changes needed in relation to emergency services response to fire, drought, flood and storms; for funding for these services, to protect us, and what is left of our beautiful country after this summer.
– That we will push for changes in relation to how we build, live, and manage our precious resources, into our new future.
– That we will push for REAL, long term change on carbon emissions.
– That we will push for leadership changes. Please let this happen.
– That we will speak openly and gently to each other, offering kindness and compassion.
– That we will create spaces of hope for our children and learn how to help them find all the bright spots, at a time where we feel overwhelmed by darkness.

I see your tears. I see your humanity shining. I hear your suffering. I hear your soft voice giving solace. I feel your grief. I feel your kindness wrapping me up gently and making me feel less alone. We are all in this together. 😘 #Kindnessandhope

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