Holding Onto Hope

When you feel the heaviness of the world, as if you are falling through space, with nothing to grasp, go to nature.

There’s no white noise, no anger, no egos, no judgment.

There’s no pressure, no competition for your time.

There’s hope in every single blade of grass, in the unfurling petals of flowers, in the arms of trees.

There’s power in the sky and the ocean, a reassurance that, perhaps, Mother Earth knows more than us, that she can hold us and herself.

There’s kindness in the magpie that warbles her song to you, the pelican who sits quietly, meditating. There’s a realness, a knowing, a sense of quiet belonging. There’s joy.

Go to nature and find solace.

Keep walking forwards, your arms strong, your heart open wide, your eyes clear. And then, share the riches with those you love and those you meet. Remind them she is there. Remind them you are there, together, joining with her. Go to nature.

Join our community  on my sustainable blog and become part of the kindness and hope revolution. Let’s change the conversation. Let’s acknowledge our sadness and grief about our planet, but also, let’s stand together and make a difference. Let’s see the joy in our planet so we can stay on the path to keeping her safe and healthy. Let’s do this together, with kindness and hope, for our children’s futures. Come join our revolution of #kindnessandhope

Helen xx

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