How To Create a Birdcage Succulent Garden

In 2020, the world is turbulent, overwhelming and hard. It is also connected in real time, allowing you to see, hear and feel, everything that happens out there, in excruicatingly painful detail…There are so many reasons to crawl into a corner and stay away from everything right now. I know I have been finding it tough and have spent a lot of time away from social media, as well as being isolated due to covid-19.

With the horrific things that are happening right now, it is important that we raise our voices and take action, but for your own mental health and wellbeing, you also need to take some breaks, connect or reconnect with people you care about, give your mind a rest, care for your body and keep your hands busy.

Working in the garden is beneficial in so many ways – to you and our planet. Even if you don’t have a garden, you can pot plants and create projects like this birdcage succulent garden. The satisfaction and mindful flow of creating, will enable you to keep going, when you feel like the world is lost.

Jade used to have a great blog with a collection of DIY ideas but has moved on to focus on her graphic design business. This is one of her favourite projects – a DIY succulent birdcage garden. All you need is a bit of time and an old birdcage to get you started.
Stay safe and well xx

What you’ll need:

  • A vintage/old birdcage that is no longer needed
  • Drill and small drill bit for metal
  • Potting mix
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Succulent cutting
  • Bobbi pins

Turn an Old Birdcage into a Succulent Plant Hanger 

  • Get your birdcage ready, remove any unnecessary things like this cleaning tray. I love the worn off paint on this and I will be using this tray for some other project, just you wait!
  • Using a power drill, drill at least 5 holes in the bottom of your birdcage. This will give your water somewhere to go when you water them and will slow down rusting out the bottom of your cage.
  • Add an inch layer of potting mix or succulent and cacti potting mix. Break up your sphagnum moss into a bowl and fill with water to rehydrate. Grab a handful of the moss at a time and drain away excess water so it is damp but not dripping and add a 2 inch later on top of the soil.
  • Get your succulents cuttings out (I told you that tray would come in handy!) and position into the moss.
  • Once you have your cutting positioned grab out them bobbi pins!
  • Pry them open to the size of the succulent stem and slide it over the cutting and into the moss and dirt base to secure in place till it takes root.
  • Here is the final product, I adore it and can’t wait to see it all overflowing and crowded in 6 months!

Originally posted in 2015

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