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Welcome! My name is Dr Helen Edwards. I have a PhD in Psychology and I'm an Australian author of books for children and adults, weaving diverse stories of nature, magic and history. I am represented by Golvan Arts Management.

On my blog, I write book reviews and stories about other Australian authors; share some of my own author story and learnings in life; and write about sustainability, wellbeing and nature.

In my 'spare' time, I'm a freelance writer and storyteller for hire - Creating Content That Connects. Find my copywriting, blog writing & editing, social media content creation and management and other writing services here.

I also dabble as a visual artist and the header image on my website was hand-drawn by me and digitised by a lovely friend.

I have spent many years working in mental health and in 2001 I founded an online counselling service to support people living with diabetes. It was the first in the world and it was a hit! You can see more here.

I've had type 1 diabetes since 1979 and a few other chronic conditions that can make life tricky. I live with anxiety and ADHD (which was finally diagnosed in adulthood) and like to include characters in my stories who are neurodivergent and/or who live with physical and mental health conditions, out in the world, having adventures.

In 2013 I started a sustainable blog called Recycled Interiors, which is now merged here. I'm passionate about nature and inspiring action for our children's future. Animals and the healing power of nature often feature in my stories.

I look forward to sharing stories with you, because they really can change the world.

x Helen


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Seeing the World as Multi-Storied

By Helen Edwards | February 2, 2022

Each of us carries stories that shape who we are and the steps and directions we take in life. As a writer, these stories are part of the rich background from which you draw inspiration for characters, themes and plots. Most people concentrate on particular stories when they describe themselves and their lives. We all…

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Five Minutes with Keighley Bradford #LoveAusAuthors

By Helen Edwards | January 28, 2022

Author Keighley Bradford writes mostly new adult contemporary romance novels because she loves the genre as a writer and reader. ‘I love the idea of spreading hope and joy through these types of novels and find this genre to be the perfect pick-me-up to any bad day.’ Keighley is also a freelance writer with a…

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In This Wildness

By Helen Edwards | January 8, 2022

In this wildnessThere is wonderThere is space,To take breathTo gather hopeTo pauseand dreamof better daysTo pauseand rememberThe only dayIs now, is hereBeing presentBeing aliveIn this wildness 6/1/22 Helen Edwards

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Towards the Horizon

By Helen Edwards | January 8, 2022

We were all in pain,drawing ourselvesfrom our beds,Wiping silent tearsfrom our cheeks,Seeing only SorrowThinking only SorrowFeeling only Sorrow,Until, we noticed,The children,watching, hearing, feeling, waiting, for our words,for our hands,for our eyes to see them,to guide them,to hold them,to help them findreasons for joy,for hope…We noticedThe childrenAnd we raised our facesto the sky,And we clasped their…

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what is rewilding and why it matters - rewilding in australia

To Be Present

By Helen Edwards | December 24, 2021

On the 24th of DecemberI’m not going to say,Merry Christmas,or tell you what tobelieve, or what to thinkor feel…I’m just going to say,no matter what,to BE in the world,to stand in forests thickwith tree-scented airto swim in oceansshimmering with crisp salty waterto stand beneath skiesof endless sparkling starsto love deeply and oftenand with wild abandon,not…

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Look Up, Look Up, My Darlings

By Helen Edwards | December 22, 2021

Summer Solstice On this Summer Solstice, look up at the sky and be grateful for the miracle of our earth and each other. Remember when you were small and you thought days would never end, when you saw fairies and believed in magic, remember how you lingered for the love of it all. Look up,…

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Seek The Small Spaces

By Helen Edwards | December 17, 2021

It has been a complicated year to say the least and there have been many things increasing our anxiety and threatening our happiness. In recent days, our youngest child ended primary school and amidst the letting go and excitement and joy, the last minute regrets and the sadness about covid stealing so much from us,…

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tips on creating recycled, handmade and sustainable christmas gifts

14 Ways to Reduce Christmas Stress

By Helen Edwards | December 3, 2021

I love Christmas. There are lots of things I don’t like about it – such as the push to over-consume, the waste of resources, food and materials. But the things that make it special to me – family time, holidays, traditions and memories – all of these bring me great joy. I like the lead…

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Five Minutes With K.M Allan #LoveAusAuthors

By Helen Edwards | December 1, 2021

Whilst her adorable cat Dash features here (and on Twitter) and could possibly be misconstrued as the author of her books, it is actually K.M Allan who writes the YA series, Blackbirch. She says she has chosen to focus on YA, because they’re the kind of books she loves to read and YA stories made…

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