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Welcome! My name is Dr Helen Edwards. I have a PhD in Psychology and I'm an Australian author of books for children and adults, weaving diverse stories of nature, magic and history. I am represented by Golvan Arts Management.

On my blog, I write book reviews and stories about other Australian authors; share some of my own author story and learnings in life; and write about sustainability, wellbeing and nature.

In my 'spare' time, I'm a freelance writer and storyteller for hire - Creating Content That Connects. Find my copywriting, blog writing & editing, social media content creation and management and other writing services here.

I also dabble as a visual artist and the header image on my website was hand-drawn by me and digitised by a lovely friend.

I have spent many years working in mental health and in 2001 I founded an online counselling service to support people living with diabetes. It was the first in the world and it was a hit! You can see more here.

I've had type 1 diabetes since 1979 and a few other chronic conditions that can make life tricky. I live with anxiety and ADHD (which was finally diagnosed in adulthood) and like to include characters in my stories who are neurodivergent and/or who live with physical and mental health conditions, out in the world, having adventures.

In 2013 I started a sustainable blog called Recycled Interiors, which is now merged here. I'm passionate about nature and inspiring action for our children's future. Animals and the healing power of nature often feature in my stories.

I look forward to sharing stories with you, because they really can change the world.

x Helen


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On Being A Bad Patient & Seeing The Light

By Helen Edwards | October 2, 2013

  Healthy people need to take care of themselves to stay that way. It is so easy to go down the slippery slide of neglecting your health in our busy world. We live in a environment which discourages health – excessive amounts of food, sedentary lifestyles, too much to do, too many pressures, disconnectedness from…

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Is a Change as Good as a Holiday?

By Helen Edwards | September 25, 2013

They say change is as good as a holiday and I certainly daydream constantly about all the things I want to change – about my life, my home, my work, my time and myself. Sometimes I think I become so caught up in thinking about all the possible other directions in life I could take,…

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royal Adelaide show ferris wheel

Adelaide Royal Show: Bringing Country to the City

By Helen Edwards | September 20, 2013

Last week we visited the Royal Adelaide Show. Shows are such a wonderful example of the conflict between healthy planet, healthy people, healthy home, and the reality of all the things that are causing us to drown in waste. They showcase healthy produce, home cooking, looking after the environment and family, with all of the…

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My recent 24 kg weight loss journey

By Helen Edwards | September 16, 2013

I have been on a personal journey of late. One of many I have taken. It is a road I have traveled before and may travel again, but I hope not. It is the road from being overweight to a healthy weight. I could say from fat to fit, from huge to slender, from obese…

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Health & Sustainability, Learning From the Rio+20 Summit

By Helen Edwards | September 4, 2013

At the national scientific meeting of the Australian Diabetes Educator’s and Diabetes Society last week, I was excited to hear a speaker focusing on the connections between health and environment. This was not just in the usual “we have a fat, unhealthy nation as we don’t exercise and our food is crap,” kinda way that…

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National Op Shop week has started!

By Helen Edwards | August 25, 2013

I have always been an Op Shopper. Sometimes it was a financial reason when I was a student, but mostly it is about both reducing my footprint, sharing the resources we already have and supporting charities. As well, the thrill of the hunt is addictive and you can find top quality items for tiny prices!…

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Fox & Dinky” reusing old things in completely new ways

By Helen Edwards | August 20, 2013

As happens all the time in the world of social media, I “met” Rustin Simpson and Ash Daxton, best mates and creative partners, on Facebook when they came to have a look at Recylced Interiors and share their fantastic work. They started working together a number of years ago when they opened a stall in…

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Nick Sadowsky & his Spindent Light

By Helen Edwards | August 19, 2013

I met Nick Sadowsky during VIVID at Decoration and Design in July.  He was showing his gorgeous Spindent Light above. Nick talked me through his design process and what the Spindent is all about. I was very taken with both the design and his passion for his work. We had a chat about his work and plans…

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Treasure Hill, upcyling furniture

By Helen Edwards | August 16, 2013

I came across Leah Spain and her gorgeous business upcycling furniture, Treasure Hill, on Facebook and just had to share with you! She shares her story and her lovely work on the blog today. Leah was born and bred in Broken Hill, a mining town in far west NSW, famous for its artists, one being…

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