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The Rebels of Mount Buffalo by Helen Edwards endorsment by Andrea Rowe, award-winning author of Jetty Jumping
The Rebels of Mount Buffalo by Helen Edwards endorsment
Cape Willoughby Lighthouse
Sea Lions at Cape Seal Bay Kangaroo Island

Welcome! My name is Dr Helen Edwards. I'm an Adelaide-based children's author who weaves diverse stories of nature, magic and history.

I'm represented by Golvan Arts Management for my literary works and by Lamont Authors for school bookings.

My debut middle-grade novel, The Rebels of Mount Buffalo, is out now with Riveted Press, distributed by Simon & Schuster.

With a neurodivergent main character and an inspiring real-life mountain guide from the 1890s, it's a captivating time-slip tale in which a girl lost to grief meets a daring rebel on a misty mountain who guides her to rediscover her courage and find her way home.

It was recently longlisted in the DANZ - The Diversity in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand Children's Book Award. This award has been created to recognise, award, and celebrate diverse children’s fiction. This means a children’s book published in Australia or New Zealand which 'pushes boundaries, challenges stereotypes, and celebrates diverse and marginalised people and communities.'

You can order your copy from me here and from Riveted Press here . It's also available in many bookshops and libraries. If you can't find it in your local bookshop or library, just ask them to get it in for you!

See more about The Rebels of Mount Buffalo here.

My second novel, Legend of the Lighthouse Moon, will be published on 2nd October 2024 by Riveted Press. It’s a magical historical story for middle-grade, set in an island lighthouse, in which a girl who's lost her way seeks solace in sea lions and uncovers secrets about her family’s past that help shine a light towards her becoming comfortable in her own skin.

I absolutely love this story about 13-year-old Mona McKenna, a girl living in 1970 with type 1 diabetes in an island lighthouse, featuring the stunning backdrop of Kangaroo Island and the gorgeous and endangered sea lions, as well as drawing on the true history of Cape Willoughby Lighthouse. As usual, I'm weaving nature, plenty of magic, and true history to create a very special and diverse story that's full of heart and wonder, inspired by my grandmothers who were both born on islands in the UK, the legends from these regions and my life growing up with type 1 diabetes. With thanks to Arts SA for supporting this project.

Cover reveal, pre-order details, and more info for Legend of The Lighthouse Moon are coming soon!! My third novel, an Australian historical fiction set during WWII is coming in April 2025.

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You can book me to speak at your school, library or event here. I am available for virtual and in-person events and workshops. Find me at Lamont Authors here.

A Little Bit About Me!

I have a PhD in Psychology and before becoming an Australian children's author, I worked in mental health for many years. I've done all sorts of things in my life, including founding an award-winning charity and online counselling service, supporting thousands of people with diabetes across the world. I was even a state finalist in the Australian of the Year Awards for this work!

After completing my PhD in Psychology, I decided to follow my life-long dream to become a children's author and here I am! I'm passionate about inspiring action for our beautiful, fragile planet and nature features in all of my books. I find history fascinating and uncover stories that may have been forgotten, or hidden, and bring them into the light. I also believe that fantastical things can happen and see magic in the everyday.

More about me here.

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x Helen

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