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The Rebels of Mount Buffalo by Helen Edwards endorsment by Andrea Rowe, award-winning author of Jetty Jumping
The Rebels of Mount Buffalo by Helen Edwards
The Rebels of Mount Buffalo by Helen Edwards endorsment

Welcome! My name is Dr Helen Edwards and I'm an Adelaide-based writer who loves to weave stories of nature, magic and history.

My debut middle-grade novel - THE REBELS OF MOUNT BUFFALO - will be published in October 2023, by Riveted Press!

It's a captivating time-slip tale in which a girl lost to grief meets a daring rebel on a misty mountain who guides her to rediscover her courage and find her way home

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Here is the blub!

It's 1998 and Clara and her parents are staying at the Mount Buffalo Chalet for the national park centenary celebrations. It couldn't be more different from their last visit - they were a family of four then.

With her twin brother Darius gone, Clara has no reference point anymore, no guide. It's like being lost in the bush without a compass. 

Without him, she doesn't really know who she is.

After a strange night, Clara wakes up in 1893. There she meets Alice, a girl who lives within the fern-filled valleys at the base of Mount Buffalo. To her surprise, Clara realises she is Guide Alice, considered a rebel of her time, an adventurous non-conformist who spent much of her life boldly leading people along the rugged trails between granite tors and misty mountain peaks.

The 1890s were a difficult era in Australia's history. The country is in the grip of a terrible Depression, and desperate people can be dangerous. When Alice's life is threatened, Clara must rediscover the courage she has always had, and become the girl she was always meant to be. 

Bringing in themes of early feminism and issues such as bullying, never being a bystander, managing grief and finding your courage, this engaging middle grade timeslip story draws on the true history of Mount Buffalo and the incredible role the Manfield family, and Guide Alice in particular, played in the preservation of the National Park and the development of tourism in the Mount Buffalo region.

Bookings are NOW OPEN for the free book launch event at The Mount Buffalo Chalet on 11th October. Book here. 
More events across North East Victoria and South Australia will be added to my Events page in coming weeks.

A Little Bit About Me!

I have a PhD in Psychology and before becoming an Australian children's author, I worked in mental health for many years. I have done all sorts of things in my life, including founding an award-winning charity and online counselling service, supporting thousands of people with diabetes across the world. I was even a state finalist in the Australian of the Year Awards for this work!

After completing my PhD in Psychology, I decided to follow my life-long dream to become a children's author and here I am! I'm passionate about inspiring action for our beautiful, fragile planet and nature features in all of my books. I find history fascinating and uncover stories that may have been forgotten, or hidden, and bring them into the light. I also believe that fantastical things can happen and see magic in the everyday.

More about me here.

Sign up to The Story Weaver for all the latest details about my own books, book reviews and recommendations, and more. More info about bookings for author talks and workshops available here.

x Helen

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