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Hello there and welcome. My name is Dr Helen Edwards.  I am a children's author represented by Debbie Golvan, of Golvan Arts Management.

I have a PhD in Psychology and am an award-winning health and eco blogger and advocate. I am Mama to 3 beautiful sons and live in Adelaide with my family, 2 cats and a very energetic young Kelpie.

I have wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. So, I went off and became a social worker! Seriously not writerly. But in fact it was, because most of my work over the decades has been about people's stories.

I have lived with type 1 diabetes since 1979 and I have quite a few other chronic conditions that can make life tricky, including stomach paralysis (gastroparesis), anxiety and ADHD.

In 2001 I founded an award-winning online counselling service to support people living with diabetes. It was the first in the world and it was a hit. I ran this for more than 16 years and won many awards for this work. You can see more here.

In 2013 I started a blog called Recycled Interiors, which later became the Sustainable Home Hub, and finally, merged here at my writing site. I am passionate about our beautiful Mother Earth. I am all about inspiring action for our planet, in particular, I focus on living a more gentle life for our children's future.

I am currently working with my agent on getting my middle-grade story, The Heart of Scorpius, out into the world. Works in progress include middle-grade stories, The Forest Keepers, and Sailing The Spaces In-Between. I am also working on a picture book and my type 1 diabetes memoir. I am currently sitting as a consumer health rep on the SA Ambulance Services Consumer Committee and open to collaborating with other health agencies in similar consumer roles.

I look forward to sharing stories with you. You can sign up here for my occasional news and shop for books and eco-products here.

Helen x

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At the national scientific meeting of the Australian Diabetes Educator’s and Diabetes Society last week, I was excited to hear a speaker focusing on the connections between health and environment. This was not just in the usual “we have a fat, unhealthy nation as we don’t exercise and our food is crap,” kinda way that…

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National Op Shop week has started!

By Helen Edwards

I have always been an Op Shopper. Sometimes it was a financial reason when I was a student, but mostly it is about both reducing my footprint, sharing the resources we already have and supporting charities. As well, the thrill of the hunt is addictive and you can find top quality items for tiny prices!…

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Fox & Dinky” reusing old things in completely new ways

By Helen Edwards

As happens all the time in the world of social media, I “met” Rustin Simpson and Ash Daxton, best mates and creative partners, on Facebook when they came to have a look at Recylced Interiors and share their fantastic work. They started working together a number of years ago when they opened a stall in…

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Nick Sadowsky & his Spindent Light

By Helen Edwards

I met Nick Sadowsky during VIVID at Decoration and Design in July.  He was showing his gorgeous Spindent Light above. Nick talked me through his design process and what the Spindent is all about. I was very taken with both the design and his passion for his work. We had a chat about his work and plans…

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Treasure Hill, upcyling furniture

By Helen Edwards

I came across Leah Spain and her gorgeous business upcycling furniture, Treasure Hill, on Facebook and just had to share with you! She shares her story and her lovely work on the blog today. Leah was born and bred in Broken Hill, a mining town in far west NSW, famous for its artists, one being…

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IbuTrade, selling gorgeous Fair Trade homewares

By Helen Edwards

Michael and Clare from IbuTrade are a partnership – lifelong and business – and IbuTrade is their family business – even their kids get involved! The business was established in 2007 by Tracey Donehue and Kathy Stefanac to provide Fairtrade and environmentally friendly gifts and homewares. In late 2011, when Tracey decided to move on, Michael…

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