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Polywood Outdoors

Polywood Outdoors is an outdoor furniture company supplying timeless, classic, outdoor furniture with a difference. Made from revolutionary Polywood Lumber, this environmentally friendly material looks good and lasts, as well as being friendly to the environment.  They will be exhibiting at Design and Decoration in Melbourne in July so I will be able to check their range out in person. It is always best to touch and feel a piece of furniture if you can, to get a sense of how you will feel when you use it so hopefully I can road test it for you!

They describe their products as “durable and comfortable, all-weather furniture” that will never rot whether it is exposed to rain, snow, salt water or sun and claim that Polywood is really environmentally friendly – made from a high percentage of post-consumer materials. Their catch phrase is that “our furniture transforms landfill waste into usable products.” Nice!

ImportantlyPolywood Outdoors have a vision that fits with the philosophy of sustainable living which we are passionate about, in that they are guided by a “passion to deliver intelligently designed outdoor furnishings that fundamentally improve the lives of consumers and favourably impact the lives of future generations.”

How do they do this?

What is clever about this product is that it uses recycled plastics. They ask “what happens to all the milk jugs that have been recycled throughout the years?” And tell the story that in 1990, in Northern Indiana two innovative Americans noted the high performance characteristics of plastics and its use in outdoor applications. Today, these same environmentally friendly products are available in Australia through Polywood Outdoors.

Polywood Outdooors recycled plastic lumber outdoor furniture range is said to have the following benefits:

  • Never needs painting
  • Will withstand all weather conditions
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fantastic value
  • Beautiful, timeless designs

How is Polywood lumber made?

Polywood’s solid dimensional plastic lumber is made from HDPE which can withstand all types of weather conditions including rain, snow, salt water, sun and ice. The characteristics of this durable material are that it looks good and feels good. They combine this with stainless steel hardware producing long lasting performance furnishings.

The HDPE primary raw material is taken from post-consumer bottle waste, such as milk and detergent bottles or other HDPE post industrial material. This material is cleaned by a decontamination process to a high purity level, which removes contaminants such as food residue, paper, and adhesives. It is then compounded into a rigid board stock material; with the resulting finished product containing over 90% recycled plastic by weight

Sounds like it is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for new outdoor furniture to decorate your outdoor space with heart and good looks at the same time!



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