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Selling your home is a big enough process to go through, without the stress of how to prepare it to your best advantage. This is where Pre Sale Property Styling comes in. According to LJ Hooker, Property Styling your home will boost final sales price from 7.5 per cent to 12.5 per cent, taken from a survey of the top agents in the LJ Hooker network in Australia, and they say the following are the benefits of pre sale home styling:
• Higher sales price
• Quicker sale
• More bidders, offers or interested parties
Popular television shows such as Selling Houses Australia have shown many people how much of a difference a pre sale makeover can have and what is possible!

Some of the things to consider are:

  • Budget – know exactly what you are prepared to sink into the process budget wise  – talk with your Agent about the potential sale price and work back from there. You may need to spend money to make money as they say. But you also do not want to over capitalise
  • Style – you need to consider that while there may be some potential buyers with similar taste to you, essentially you need to think that you will be trying to sell to someone with totally different tastes in decorating to you
  • The buyer – you may be selling to a family when you are a single, or a couple with no kids; or you may be selling to a couple with no kids or a single, when you are a family- clearly these groups have different needs and all of them need to see themselves in your property. Understanding the general demographics of the area will also help you to think about who the most likely buyer will be and style appropriately.
  • Use your advantages- play up the best features of the home –  for example look at how to maximise light and a sense of space and flow – there may be need for some minor building works or change of layout depending on your budget
  • Maintenance – fix anything that is broken or needing maintenance
  • De -clutter – clutter and personal items are a no no – this needs to be styled well
  • The feel of the property – you want people to feel “at home” and imagine themselves living there, so there needs to be enough space and possibilities in the decor and layout, to encourage them to think and more importantly FEEL that way
  • The psychology – it is really important to consider your potential market – who is your buyer and how can you help them to imagine living in your property? A good working knowledge from a local Agent on the market is important. Add this to my background as an ex-social worker also undertaking a PhD in Psychology, helps in the styling process (and being able to put yourself in other people’s shoes is vital). You are not living in the home so it is not about appealing to your tastes.
  • First impressions – street appeal is a first priority and includes garden, fencing, driveways and the exterior of the home
  • Rubbish! – no rubbish lying around anywhere -inside or out!
  • Clean – cleaning top to toe is vital, including all doors, windows, mirrors and walls
  • Re – decorating – you may need to do some decorating tasks such as paint, to give a fresh contemporary appeal
  • Furnishings – you may need to hire or use furniture if your own is not suitable or has been moved out – too much space is also a turn off! Soft furnishings such as curtains and blinds are also an important choice
  • Smell  – is also critical at an open inspection – you want NO bad smells
  • Greenery – fresh flowers and greenery always add appeal in a room

These are just some of the tips that can help you achieve the best possible sale price.
If you are interested in working with me on pre sale styling for your property in Adelaide and surrounds, drop me a line here

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