Healthy Planet, Healthy People, Healthy Home: Create a Sustainable Home You Love – Print Edition + eBook Package

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Do you want a more sustainable lifestyle? Make more yourself, do more yourself, grow your own, eat healthier, take care of your family and our planet and create a home you can love?

I am so very excited to announce that my latest Book – Healthy Planet, Healthy People, Healthy Home: Create a Sustainable Home You Love” is HERE! In the book you will make a difference to the sustainability of our planet, increase your health and happiness and tread more lightly on the earth. Available in limited edition print edition and eBook (the e book contains bonus material from Maggie Beer)

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Who is the book for?

You And Me!

This book is really for everyone!

  • We all need to understand how to be more sustainable in our homes and our lives
  • It is something anyone will benefit from, and you will take away inspiration and ideas for your home and your life
  • Take the time to spend time on you – your health and wellbeing & integral to the health of our planet – it is all connected

Builders & Decorators

In particular this book is for you, if you are interested in:

  • designing, building or renovating your home;
  • want a broad overview of passive design;
  • ideas about how to use less energy in your home, solar energy and home battery storage; and
  • how to be more mindful in your decorating

Gardeners And Cooks

If you want to take more time to have a hands on approach to your lifestyle you will find:

  • Basic advice on gardening and composting at home;
  • Information about the importance of bees in your garden;
  • Information & guides about sustainable food;
  • Tips on waste management & more


  • Take more time to have a hands on approach to your lifestyle with craft, DIY and cooking;
  • Make, mend and upcycle;
  • Try a range of craft & upcycling projects shared by some clever creatives; and
  • Feel more empowered to make changes in your life

Easy To Read

The book is easy to read with beautiful photographs, and will leave you inspired with:

  • Stories from a range of fabulous people about being more conscious of our planet, including Maggie Beer**(Maggie is in the ebook version only) & Barry DuBois
  • Expert tips and guides;
  • House tours; and
  • DIY, upcycling projects & delicious recipes

Some of what you will get from the book
  • Stories from the various contributors and myself, about our journey to a more sustainable home we love
  • Learn more about sustainable building and design
  • Get the basics on why you should have a home garden, how to start composting and why your food source and waste is so critical to our planet
  • Learn some great DIY, upcycling and craft projects
  • Improve your health and wellbeing, and the health of our planet, through the growing, cooking and eating of food and grab a few old fashioned, yummy recipes from our contributors
  • Create a more sustainable home you can love, the way you like to decorate, with the things you like to have around you – making it your own, not something out of a magazine
  • Have fun and see the impact you can have on the planet, in making, creating and doing it yourself
  • Take a peek into some beautiful homes with house tours, to see what a sustainable home might look like
  • The idea is not to turn you all into hippies living off the grid (unless that is what you want!) but to help you look at what simple changes you can make, to create a more sustainable home, and a more sustainable planet.
Every step, every change, every action, makes a difference. You are just one person alone, but together we are many. Join me on a journey through the many ways you can create a more sustainable home you can love.

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