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Australian Authors

Welcome. My name is Dr Helen Edwards. I'm an Australian children's and YA author, represented by Debbie Golvan at Golvan Arts Management.

I'm an award-winning blogger and freelance writer, with a focus on the environment, nature, sustainable living, health and mental health.

I also showcase Australian authors in my new #LoveAusAuthors blog features. See their latest books, learn more about the authors, their works, and behind the scenes.

See more here about how I can help you with  freelance writing and sensitivity reading services.

I have a Bachelor of Social Work, a PhD in Psychology, a Certificate in Diabetes Education and a Certificate in Design. In 2001 I founded an award-winning online counselling service to support people living with diabetes. It was the first in the world and it was a hit! You can see more here.

I've had type 1 diabetes myself since 1979 and have quite a few other chronic conditions that can make life tricky, including stomach paralysis (gastroparesis), anxiety and ADHD. I like to write stories that include characters who are living with physical and mental health conditions.

In 2013 I started a sustainable living blog and interior decorating service, called Recycled Interiors, which is now merged at my writing site here.

I'm passionate about our Mother Earth and inspiring action for our children's future. The environment, animals and nature, often feature in my stories.

I look forward to sharing stories with you,


Latest From My Blog


Five Minutes with Susan Francis #LoveAusAuthors

By Helen Edwards | June 15, 2021

Welcome to my new blog series, Five Minutes with Australian Authors #LoveAusAuthors where I will feature Aussie Authors, their books, and their lives. I am kicking off with a personal favourite, Susan Francis, author of The Love that Remains, an extraordinary memoir about secrets, life’s shocking twists and unconditional love. Like most writers, Susan loved…

Australian Authors

Five Minutes with Australian Authors #LovAusAuthors

By Helen Edwards | June 10, 2021

If you love books and reading, (which I hope you do!), you’re going to love my new blog feature Five Minutes with Australian Authors #LoveAusAuthors. I will be featuring Aussie authors, their books, behind the scenes, and the stories of their lives, in short, easy to read blog posts. For readers and those in the…

how to upcycle an old lampshade using vintage music sheets, maps and books

How to Upcycle a Lampshade with Vintage Sheet Music or Maps

By Helen Edwards | May 20, 2021

Creating something yourself for your home, especially when you bring an old object back to life, is incredibly satisfying. It’s also good for the plane!. Anything you can prevent ending up in landfills through reuse, recycling and reinventing, is a triumph. When it comes to objects in your home that are both useful and beautiful,…

Autumn Trees a Poem by Helen Edwards AUstralian Children's and YA Author and Freelance Writer

She Breathes Autumn

By Helen Edwards | March 23, 2021

Over on twitter, one of our #AusWrites prompts this month is to describe autumn using senses other than sight. Here’s mine. Come and join us for beautiful support and lots of fun! Search #AusWrites She breathesSweet comfort-filledEarth takes awayBitternessOf SummerFadingWinter’s fingersBrushing ever soLightlyAcross her faceWinds ridingDown throughValleysRustling amongstFalling leavesTaste of sweetApplesOn her lipsShe breathes **Image DescriptionRed-gold trees stand…

20 Budget Hacks For Decorating Your Home

By Helen Edwards | March 11, 2021

It’s easy to feel like you will never have the home you dream about, but there are plenty of ways to create a beautiful home, that are better for the planet and your pocket. Budget is one of the top barriers people mention when it comes to their home. However, by taking a more sustainable…

Using Your Voice: How to Deal with the Facebook News Ban in Australia

By Helen Edwards | February 18, 2021

This morning, many of us with Facebook pages woke to see either our content gone, our ability to share our own links from our own websites gone, or both. What began as a small trickle seeping from the top down, became a tsunami, as gradually smaller and smaller websites began to see the impact. I…

Heart Home Nature

By Helen Edwards | January 30, 2021

Six years ago, I started a little blog called Recycled Interiors, documenting my personal love of all things vintage, upcycled, handmade, homemade and sustainable. It’s taken me in many directions and connected me to many wonderful people. Lots has happened! I completed my qualifications in design, my PhD in Psychology and started writing children’s and…

The Gift of Hope

By Helen Edwards | December 15, 2020

It’s been an incredibly long year. At the same time, it’s difficult to believe it’s almost Christmas. Things just don’t seem, well, right. The decorations are up, the presents mostly wrapped, and the turkey ordered. We’re once again allowed to have more than our immediate family in our homes for celebrations. And yet, there’s a…


By Helen Edwards | October 1, 2020

I’m busy writing my new YA, which is an #ownvoices magical realism story, as one of the main characters, Odelle, happens to have type 1 diabetes. I don’t know of any magical realism or fantasy where the main character has a chronic illness or disability and it’s just the way it is, rather than the…

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