The Good and The Bad

The other day, after struggling for a while with my mental health for all of the reasons, something happened that sent me crashing to the depths of despair. I had already been under intense pressure; caring for my family, my own health, juggling some heavy freelance work with tight deadlines and my creative writing, trying…

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Seeing the World as Multi-Storied

Each of us carries stories that shape who we are and the steps and directions we take in life. As a writer, these stories are part of the rich background from which you draw inspiration for characters, themes and plots. Most people concentrate on particular stories when they describe themselves and their lives. We all…

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To Be Present

what is rewilding and why it matters - rewilding in australia

On the 24th of DecemberI’m not going to say,Merry Christmas,or tell you what tobelieve, or what to thinkor feel…I’m just going to say,no matter what,to BE in the world,to stand in forests thickwith tree-scented airto swim in oceansshimmering with crisp salty waterto stand beneath skiesof endless sparkling starsto love deeply and oftenand with wild abandon,not…

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Look Up, Look Up, My Darlings

Summer Solstice On this Summer Solstice, look up at the sky and be grateful for the miracle of our earth and each other. Remember when you were small and you thought days would never end, when you saw fairies and believed in magic, remember how you lingered for the love of it all. Look up,…

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14 Ways to Reduce Christmas Stress

tips on creating recycled, handmade and sustainable christmas gifts

I love Christmas. There are lots of things I don’t like about it – such as the push to over-consume, the waste of resources, food and materials. But the things that make it special to me – family time, holidays, traditions and memories – all of these bring me great joy. I like the lead…

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The Gift of Hope

It’s been an incredibly long year. At the same time, it’s difficult to believe it’s almost Christmas. Things just don’t seem, well, right. The decorations are up, the presents mostly wrapped, and the turkey ordered. We’re once again allowed to have more than our immediate family in our homes for celebrations. And yet, there’s a…

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