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Hello there and welcome. My name is Dr Helen Edwards. I am all about creating stories that matter. I have a PhD in Psychology. I am an author of children's and young adult fiction, and non-fiction for adults. I am represented by Debbie Golvan, of Golvan Arts Management. I am an award-winning eco, vintage and wellbeing blogger and offer freelance writing and sensitivity/diversity reading services.

I am Mama to 3 beautiful sons and live in Adelaide with my family. I have been blogging since 2001 and have written literally thousands of blog posts. I have also written for numerous print and digital magazines, journals, academic conferences, blogs and websites. I have developed print and digital marketing materials and web content.

I have been reading and writing since I was tiny and most of my spare time as a child was spent with my head buried in a book. When I was in grade 1, the teachers sent me to the library to choose my own readers, because I had already read the entire suite of junior readers. I remember winning an award for a book I had written when I was 6 years old, during Children's Book Week. It still takes pride of place and even has my scrawly 6 year old handwriting in the front "Published by Helen Wilde, Written by Helen Wilde" (my maiden name). The book on the left was my prize!

Later, after my family moved to a different town, my parents taught at the area school I attended. In the holidays the most magical part was being allowed to roam the library and select an enormous box of books for the break. I remember reading the back of a cereal pack at the breakfast table if there was nothing else nearby. My passion for words, pictures, creativity, nature and people, has led me through a life that has centred around stories. I like to include my knowledge about people and my passion for nature, in my stories.

I founded an online counselling service for people with diabetes in 2001, well before there was any social media. It was groundbreaking and I won many awards and grants. I was an Australian of the Year state finalist and a Telstra Business Woman of the Year state finalist in 2016 for my charitable work and you can see the archived site here.

I am a strong advocate for people with diabetes, mental health, disability, health and wellbeing. Posts on these topics are now included here on my writing site.

In 2013 I started The Sustainable Home Hub (then Recycled Interiors) as an outlet for my interest in design, decoration, the arts and our planet. It took off quickly and I now have over 140,000 people following me on social media. In 2018 I was awarded bronze for sustainability in the AusMumpreneur Awards. My sustainable blog posts are now housed here on my writing site.

I am all about inspiring action for our planet, with kindness and hope. In particular,  focusing on living a more gentle life for our children's future. I want to help you take action in your life to tread more lightly on the earth, while managing climate grief and eco-anxiety.

It is about helping you to take small, simple, realistic and actionable steps, to a more sustainable life, while reducing eco-anxiety and climate grief. Whether you want to make changes in your life to be more sustainable, find ways to get back in touch with nature and your loved ones through travelling our beautiful Australian countryside, while remaining as eco-friendly as possible, or just want to create a healthier, happier life, where you tread more lightly on our beautiful Mother Earth - you are in the right place.

I am Mama to these 3 gorgeous boys (all a little older than when this photo was taken), and wife to my wonderful husband who I married in 1998. Sharing my life with them the best thing I have ever done. I have read many thousands of stories to these boys since 1993, when I had my first son and like me, they are all book lovers.

It is pretty amazing to have these 3 wonderful humans, considering my type 1 diabetes. Pregnancy with type 1 diabetes is tough. I was told at the age of 12 that I would never have children and if I dared, they would be born deformed, or dead. It was a terrible thing to live with. However I proved them wrong.

I am an eternal optimist, and lover of colour and nature. I DO NOT like large spiders. Just in case you were thinking of showing me any of those - small ones and those non-spider spiders are ok (like Daddy Long Legs).

I do however LOVE whales, please share them a lot with me. And elephants, and horses, and birds, and pretty much all of nature. I also adore trees and flowers, and as well as writing, love to take photos. You can find me on instagram here. 

I have lived with type 1 diabetes since 1979. I have lived with anxiety and ADHD for much of my life, and suffered with depression at certain points. The worst was after experiencing PTSD following threats to my life in my child protection work. It was a very difficult period of my life. I now live with multiple, chronic, hidden disabilities and conditions, alongside my type 1 diabetes. It is not easy but I manage all of these with grace and resilience. Life is good.

Helen Edwards Australian Writer and Blogger
Helen Edwards Australian Writer and Blogger
Helen Edwards Australian Writer and Blogger

I grew up in rural towns in South Australia with my baby sister and bohemian parents who taught me the value of people and planet. Both are incredibly clever and creative themselves.

They filled me up with the arts, nature and sciences - music, art, literature, dance, the sky, the stars, trees, camping, roadtrips, animals, Harry Butler, The Goons, Monty Python and David Attenborough, were all part of my life. Camping in tents, climbing mountains, swimming in creeks and the ocean, and walking in the rain through forests were experienced aplenty.

I love to share, a lot, about everything. My favourite smell is that of rain. Old things and stories make my heart skip a beat. My family, nature, and being outside in our beautiful world, are everything to me.

I want to make a difference with my words, so that people are educated, informed and inspired, to make a difference.  I want our children to know that they matter. I want them have hope - that we have not forgotten the future is theirs, that the planet is here for all of us, and that we will do our best to keep her safe for them. Without hope, there is no chance.

It was writing that got me through the darkest parts of my life, and it is writing that has shared my greatest joys.

Words matter, and, it is words that will change the world. Let's share some stories together.

I am available for a range of freelance writing, copywriting and advocacy roles get in touch here. 



Helen Edwards Australian Writer and Blogger
Helen Edwards Australian Writer and Blogger