The Story Weaver

the story weaver

Sign up below to The Story Weaver and join me in the contemplation of life, in making space to be, and in the weaving of stories.

I am not going to say it is a weekly, or fortnightly, or even monthly event, as I know myself and I know that the unexpected and the exciting and the boring parts of life will take over and intervene and before I know it, this newsletter, built with the intention of love and joy, will fast become a chore and another reason for me to feel guilty!

So, here is the deal - I will send you newsletters (at whatever frequency as takes me!) which will include the usual newsy things and updates, but also, will hopefully offer you a story, a pause, a space to reflect and weave your own stories.

There will be the occasional give-away for my subscribers and opportunities for advance reader copies of my books and other things that might pop into my head!

I would love you to join me x


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