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Are you a small business, a not-for-profit organisation, a creative, or professional service?  Do you need someone to take the ideas in your head and put them onto a page?

Do you know what you want to say, but when you try to create a social post, or update your website, it just doesn't hit the mark?

Or maybe you are brilliant at creating your business, product or service, but have no idea how to explain what you offer? Or perhaps you simply don't have the time to write?

I am your person! I write words and manage social media for a range of people and specialise in literary, arts, NFPs, health and eco businesses.

Words really do matter and understanding the emotional connection people experience when they visit your website or social media, is the place where all good stories begin.

I have worn many hats over my life and during all of this hat juggling, I have had the pleasure of writing for an enormous range of audiences, from tweets, to instagram posts, to websites, to books, to a PhD thesis.

I have also worked with small businesses to large universities, teaching them how to use social media to create connections.

With a PhD in psychology, many years as a professional blogger, and being a working author, I don't just write copy, I write stories that connect with human beings.

That is why I will always start by asking some nosey questions about your background, your business and your passions.

I will then want to explore who your customers and your competitors are, what keywords the cool kids are using to bring all the people to their yard, and fully understand the work required, before I begin to write.

I know how hard business can be and always aim to work within our agreed budget and time frame.

There are a number of layers to brilliant writing - it must firstly bring people to your business through engaging storytelling, keywords and solid content strategy.

When they arrive at your website, the copy must connect with them, explain what you offer and how you can meet their needs, and finally, give clear calls to action that ensure they become happy and hopefully, returning, customers.

I offer a range of writing services - website content, blog posts and social media copy, newsletters, print and digital magazines and more.

I have a Bachelor of Social Work, Certificate in Diabetes Education and Management, Certificate in Design and a PhD in Psychology.

I worked in the fields of social work and mental health from 1989 - 2016. I founded the groundbreaking Diabetes Counselling Online in 2001 and ran this for 16 years.

I have been writing for most of my life, have self-published two books and currently have a number of manuscripts on submission with publishers via my literary agent. I have been blogging since 2001.

Throughout my life, I have been privileged to hear many people's stories about their lives with chronic conditions and disabilties, as well as developing high level knowledge and expertise in these areas. I have been writing for decades in the areas of diabetes, health, mental health and sustainable living.

My unique combination of psychology, writing abilities and web and social media expertise, will weave your perfect story.

Areas of Expertise:

1. Chronic illness and disability - in particular diabetes, diabetes and pregnancy, diabetes and mental health. Gut-related conditions. Mental health, anxiety, depression, panic attacks and PTSD - all of which I have personal experience in, as well as my professional expertise.

2. Neurodiversity - Along with my psychology qualifications, I live with ADHD and have a child who is autistic and another with ADHD, so bring a personal touch to these topics.

3. Sustainability - I have many years experience in writing about eco-living and how to design, decorate and live in a way that treads more lightly on our planet. I have spoken at a range of events on these topics, written for various publications and had my own blog since 2016.

4. Interior design and decoration - I have a certificate in design and have worked as an interior decorator and stylist. I like to write about taking an eco-focus in design and decoration, using green, vintage, upcycled and handmade items in your home.

5. Not-for-profit organisations and charities - I founded & managed my own charity for 15 years. I enjoy working with Not-for-profit organisations and charities, to create stories and grow community.

6. Literary agencies, artists, musicians, authors and creative people - I love working with other creative people to manage your social media and create connections with your audience. If you don't have time to waste on socials, let me take the weight off your shoulders and build stories that connect your audience to your brilliant creations.

These are just some of the ways I can help you create your stories. Please contact me below if you would like to chat more about working with me on your writing needs.

x Helen


freelance writer based in Adelaide. Social media content creation and writing services with Dr Helen Edwards
freelance writer based in Adelaide. Social media content creation and photography and writing services with Dr Helen Edwards
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tips on social media for writers and authors
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Lovely Words From Lovely People

"We had the wonderful pleasure of working with Helen. Her fine eye for detail was a wonderful advantage for us. She gave great ideas for our campaign and our expectations were more than exceeded. We would not hesitate to work with her in the future. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for agreeing to work with Pigeon and Weasel. Ariane and Prue x" Pigeon and Weasel

"We really admire everything about Helen and her Sustainable Home Hub. Personally, it's such a great resource and go to website for all products sustainable, packed with interesting and useful information. As a business owner I really admire all the hard work and commitment that has gone into creating the Sustainable Home Hub and it all if offers to customers and small business like ours". Bronwyn Riedel Bauwerk

"Helen Edwards has a solid working knowledge at the coal face of small to medium businesses for social media challenges and opportunities. Hers is a unique voice that has worn many hats, and could be of help to your business. Social worker, educator, PhD and small business operator, she might be the right ingredients for your next consultant.

Megan Morton, Stylist.


"Helen is an experienced blogger and social media expert, and a pleasure to work with. Helen's strong communication skills, down-to-earth approach, creativity and perseverance have been paramount in her successful approach to engaging audiences across multiple mediums. Helen's experience ranges from founding an online counselling service for people with diabetes to now focusing on her sustainable living and decorating business. Helen's successful approach to social media and blogging has seen her business grow and she continuously demonstrates a strong passion for health, wellbeing and sustainability. - Nicole Bassett, PROJECT MANAGER

"I have worked with Helen since 2004, initially in her capacity of CEO of Diabetes Counselling Online, then as higher degree research student, and then as consultant for Decision Support Analytics.

Throughout this time, I have seen Helen present a diverse range of Seminars, Workshops, Lectures and Talks. She is a very competent speaker, able to engage with the audience through personal stories, while placing emphasis on the content and providing essential information in a clear and natural manner.

I highly recommend her to you

Prof Timothy Skinner
Head of Psychological and Clinical Sciences
Charles Darwin University

"Helen Edwards is one of those women who seems to juggle more balls in the air then the rest of us could even consider, yet she humbly acknowledges that life isn’t all Insta-perfect all the time, thank goodness, there’s enough of that going around! Her passion for all things ethical, sustainable and handmade is unsurpassed and she works extremely hard to help us average folk make better choices, have access to often hard-to-find resources and brings joy and inspiration into our daily lives through her social media channels and emails. A seasoned thrifter and upcycler, Helen’s styling blends vintage pieces with one-off handmade and is fun-filled, yet considered and balanced; encouraging the viewer to feel that they can achieve something similar in their own home without having to resort to living on lentils for the next 6 months. Helen is incredibly generous in her knowledge and impeccably professional to work with; I cannot recommend this lady highly enough!" Sarah, @seasoulstudio

"Helen is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced blogger and social media manager who engages her audience in a professional, yet authentic and relatable manner. Helen has a special skill and passion for building a genuine connection with people". Kelly Wagner, KIDS YOGA


"​Helen Edwards is an expert on social media strategy. She has been a consultant to Decision Support Analytics Pty Ltd to develop the social media strategy to promote an innovative course at one of Australia's leading research Universities. Helen's own sites attest to her ability in generating excellent results through social media. She founded and managed Australia's most influential online diabetes counselling service for which she was a finalist in the Australian of the Year Awards. She has her own online business with over 140,000 followers, 82,000 on Facebook alone. I would recommend Helen for any social media development projects. Her advice is evidence-based and practical.

Dr Isabelle Skinner, Managing Director

Decision Support Analytics Pty Ltd.