Book Review: The Torrent by Dinuka McKenzie

The Torrent

A loving husband lost to devastating summer floods. A teenage girl injured during a robbery. Two seemingly unconnected cases that will push a detective to the brink. Do you have a favourite genre, or a preferred target age group when selecting books? I read everything from picture books to adult books and enjoy a range…

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The Bravest Word: Book Review

There is so much talent in our Australian writing community. We are very lucky. The result is an overflowing to-be-read pile and a sense of security, knowing there is always a next read on the shelves in my house, always a door to other worlds and other people’s experiences of life. I am going to…

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5 Minutes with Kate Foster #LoveAusAuthors

Kate Foster describes herself as a children’s author writing about friends, family and dogs, which sounds just perfect to me! Originally from a small town in the south east of England, she now lives on the stunning Gold Coast in Australia with her family and second-hand dogs. Kate is passionate about encouraging and teaching a…

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Five Minutes with Keighley Bradford #LoveAusAuthors

Author Keighley Bradford writes mostly new adult contemporary romance novels because she loves the genre as a writer and reader. ‘I love the idea of spreading hope and joy through these types of novels and find this genre to be the perfect pick-me-up to any bad day.’ Keighley is also a freelance writer with a…

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To Be Present

what is rewilding and why it matters - rewilding in australia

On the 24th of DecemberI’m not going to say,Merry Christmas,or tell you what tobelieve, or what to thinkor feel…I’m just going to say,no matter what,to BE in the world,to stand in forests thickwith tree-scented airto swim in oceansshimmering with crisp salty waterto stand beneath skiesof endless sparkling starsto love deeply and oftenand with wild abandon,not…

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Five Minutes With K.M Allan #LoveAusAuthors

Whilst her adorable cat Dash features here (and on Twitter) and could possibly be misconstrued as the author of her books, it is actually K.M Allan who writes the YA series, Blackbirch. She says she has chosen to focus on YA, because they’re the kind of books she loves to read and YA stories made…

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