Look Up, Look Up, My Darlings

Summer Solstice

On this Summer Solstice, look up at the sky and be grateful for the miracle of our earth and each other.

Remember when you were small and you thought days would never end, when you saw fairies and believed in magic, remember how you lingered for the love of it all.

Look up, look up, my darlings.

Be Still Here

You are still here.

Your heart beats quietly in your chest. Your eyes see rainbows and sunshine and moonlight. Your brain holds dreams and memories and kindness. Your hands hold others and soothe heartbreak and create masterpieces.

You sit within yourself.

You are still here

There is No Snow

There is no snow, no snow here.

No white Christmas.

Sun beats us with her intensity, shimmering across sea and earth and sky, we wait, breathless for dusk to draw close, for wind to caress sweat-slippery skin, garland lights glimmer below star speckled skies.

Reminding us to hope.

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