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Dr Helen Edwards, Psych PhD. Australian Children's+YA Fiction & Adult Non-Fiction Author. Award-winning Health & Eco Blogger. Copywriter+Wordsmith.

Creating Stories That Matter
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Want to find out more about how I can help you create stories that matter? I am an Australian Copywriter, and I am ready to write your words.

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strike for climate change

Strike For Climate

By Helen Edwards

I stand, deep within a thick forest. The air is damp here, a heady, earthy scent, released by the trees. I take their cool breath, deeply into my lungs. A golden orange butterfly flits past my eyes, skimming the…

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how to upcycle an old lampshade using vintage music sheets, maps and books

How to Upcycle a Lampshade with Vintage Sheet Music or Maps

By Helen Edwards

Creating something yourself, especially when you bring an old object back to life, is incredibly satisfying. It is also good for the planet. Anything you can stop going to landfills through reuse, recycling and reinventing, is a triumph. When…

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In The Stillness Of The Morning

By Helen Edwards

Spring flowers, birds waking in seeping darkness, my family sleeps. Silently, I start another day on this blue planet. Despite all of the things that are broken, in the world, and, in myself, I wake with hope. I hold…

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Why Anxiety Is Not All In Your Head

By Helen Edwards

It was a regular Saturday night, late last November. My 20 year old son came home with a mate and their take-away dinners, and I couldn’t bear the smell. I started to feel sick. My hubby came home from…

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Thoughts on Power, Diversity and Kindness

By Helen Edwards

So many of the current problems in our world could be resolved with a few simple things – truly embracing difference and diversity, kindness, empathy, courage, compassion, hope and optimism, realising there’s enough for everyone if we change how…

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The War on Waste: Simple Changes You Can Make to Reduce Your Waste

By Helen Edwards

We are literally drowning in waste….and we all have to take personal responsibility to make as many changes as we can.  By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish…that is an incredible statistic. We are…

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helen edwards Australian writer and author
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Helen Edwards books

Featured Books

Healthy Planet, Healthy People, Healthy Home

By Helen Edwards

Create a Sustainable Home YOU Love Do you want a more sustainable lifestyle? Make more yourself, do more yourself, grow your own, eat healthier, take care of your family and…

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Diabetes Can’t Stop Me

By Helen Edwards

Growing up with diabetes is not easy. There are lots of things children and their families find hard. Daily management tasks can become battle grounds and it can be an…

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Hello there and welcome. My name is Dr Helen Edwards. I am all about creating stories that matter. I have a PhD in Psychology. I am an author of children's and young adult fiction, and non-fiction for adults, represented by Debbie Golvan, of Golvan Arts Management.

I am an award-winning health and eco blogger and advocate. I am an Australian copywriter, based in Adelaide, offering copywriting services for your business, blog, social media and more.

I am Mama to 3 beautiful sons and live in Adelaide with my family and 2 cats. I have been writing and reading, since I was a very little girl. I have wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. So, I went off and became a social worker! Seriously not writerly. But in fact it was, because most of my work over the decades has been about people's stories.

I have lived with type 1 diabetes since 1979. I have quite a few other chronic conditions and disabilities, including lots of issues with my tummy, and anxiety and ADHD. This means that sometimes, I get lots of ideas all at once, and I can be found rearranging furniture, or walking in nature, while I work them all out in my head.

In 2001 I founded an award-winning online counselling service to support people living with diabetes. It was the first in the world, and it was a hit. I ran this for more than 16 years and won many awards for this work. You can see more here.

In 2013 I started a blog called Recycled Interiors, which later became the Sustainable Home Hub. I am passionate about our beautiful Mother Earth and am all about inspiring action for our planet, with kindness and hope. In particular, I focus on living a more gentle life for our children.

When I am not writing or reading, I enjoy watching quality drama, comedy and nature programmes, listening to music, walking in nature, hugging trees, being near the ocean, in forests or on top of mountains, taking roadtrips with my family, and caring for my many potted plants.

I am currently working with my agent on getting my middle-grade story, The Heart of Scorpius, out into the world. Works in progress include my diabetes memoir and a young adult eco-fantasy, The Forest Keepers. I am also working with some lovely clients on their writing needs .

You will see a wide range of topics here, including health, mental health, disability, diabetes, sustainable living, the environment, climate change, and more. I am available for all sorts of freelance writing, advocacy and speaking work  - see more here.

I look forward to sharing stories that matter with you and inspiring action for people and planet, with kindness and hope.

Helen x

"Stories make sense of the world and teach us about life. Stories entertain and dazzle. Books and stories and words are there in your darkest hours and, your most brilliant moments of joy. Life is stories. It is stories that put things into perspective, place you in the real world, take you away to another world, another time and another possibility. In a story anything can happen" Helen x

Helen Edwards Australian writer

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