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Hello there and welcome. My name is Dr Helen Edwards.  I am a children's author represented by Debbie Golvan, of Golvan Arts Management.

I have a PhD in Psychology and am an award-winning health and eco blogger and advocate. I am Mama to 3 beautiful sons and live in Adelaide with my family, 2 cats and a very energetic young Kelpie.

I have wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. So, I went off and became a social worker! Seriously not writerly. But in fact it was, because most of my work over the decades has been about people's stories.

I have lived with type 1 diabetes since 1979 and I have quite a few other chronic conditions that can make life tricky, including stomach paralysis (gastroparesis), anxiety and ADHD.

In 2001 I founded an award-winning online counselling service to support people living with diabetes. It was the first in the world and it was a hit. I ran this for more than 16 years and won many awards for this work. You can see more here.

In 2013 I started a blog called Recycled Interiors, which later became the Sustainable Home Hub, and finally, merged here at my writing site. I am passionate about our beautiful Mother Earth. I am all about inspiring action for our planet, in particular, I focus on living a more gentle life for our children's future.

I am currently working with my agent on getting my middle-grade story, The Heart of Scorpius, out into the world. Works in progress include middle-grade stories, The Forest Keepers, and Sailing The Spaces In-Between. I am also working on a picture book and my type 1 diabetes memoir. I am currently sitting as a consumer health rep on the SA Ambulance Services Consumer Committee and open to collaborating with other health agencies in similar consumer roles.

I look forward to sharing stories with you. You can sign up here for my occasional news and shop for books and eco-products here.

Helen x

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