Our Scandi Boho Bedroom Makeover

Our renovations are well underway and whilst out bodies may be suffering, we are very happy so far with the results! You know that good tired? Where every muscle aches but you feel a sense of satisfaction? That is pretty much the mood here! We have still got workmen around the house installing some new…

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Understanding VOC’s & How to Create a Healthy Home

tips on caring for your potted plants in winter and spring

Indoor air quality is something you don’t often consider when planning a home, but it is so very important. In particular, when renovating or building a home, the kinds of materials you use such as paint, oils and glues, are very important to your health. It is therefore recommended that you do consider the quality…

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How To Plan a Successful Home Renovation

tips on how to plan a successful home renovation

Starting to plan a home renovation can be daunting to say the least, especially if you are looking at more than one room. Are you facing home renovations at your place? In our current renovations we are mostly doing things that are cosmetic – such as paint, crack filling, rejuvenating floorboards etc. We have also…

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EcoUrbane Building Sustainable Homes

Mark Tassell, is the Director at EcoUrbane Building Group based in Adelaide. Designers and builders of sustainable homes in the greater Adelaide region, they incorporate eco friendly and sustainable building materials such as Bondor walling and roof systems, plantation timber, low VOC paint and PCM’s-phase change materials used in insulation applications. Opening in 2015, EcoUrbane are…

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Decorating your House on a Vintage Finds Budget

As a busy person, caring for my family, studying my PhD, managing this blog and my diabetes blog, I was thinking recently about how hard it can be to keep up with all the things I would love to do at home. You know, all of the painting, fixing cracks, scrubbing the deck outside, getting…

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Livos Australia, Eco Friendly Floor Sealer, Oils, Paints & Stains

The finishes you use in your home are very important to your health. This includes paint, oils, floor sealers and stains.  Livos Australia produce a range of eco friendly floor sealer, stains, paints and oils. After working extensively in the coatings industry in Switzerland, Angela and her husband relocated to Australia (with two young daughters…

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