7 Reasons Why Winter is Good for your Wellbeing

I have always loved cold weather. I think it goes back to being a little girl growing up in Port Augusta, with sweltering summers. I would hang out for the cold changes. We had one old air conditioner in my parent’s room. My clever dad would engineer tunnels with cardboard running down the short hallway of our teacher’s housing duplex, to try and direct cold air to our bedrooms. While it was an early form of ducted air conditioning, it didn’t really cut the mustard for me. I came up with my own strategy – grab a mattress and a sheet once said parents are snoring, creep into their room, place it underneath the air conditioner, and sleep! Suffice to say my usual sensitivity to any noise which prevents me sleeping, is strangely reversed when it comes to the hum of an air conditioner, which I find oddly soothing.

We also had lots of family holidays in cold places. I have many memories tied up with snowy hikes and breezy mountain tops and rainforests in drizzle. I also think some of us just love feeling heat and others prefer to have a crisp cool air on our skin. I am definitely the latter. But I firmly believe that we must embrace every day, whether or not we love the particular weather. There is something to be gained and something to be lost in living every day, all credit to Joni Mitchell.

7 reasons to love winter

Lake Jindabyne in winter

So whether you are a winter lover like me or not, here are 7 reasons why winter is good for your wellbeing

1) Warming yourself by the fire

What is not to love about having freezing cold toes, hands or bum, and standing in front of a fire, particularly one with radiant heat? It is just like sinking into a bed of happiness and fills you up with good feelings.

2) Winter Fashion

I don’t know about you but I adore jeans, long jackets, short jackets, cardis, layering, capes, long boots, short boots, and all the fashion of the season. I would take that over sleeveless tops and short skirts any day! There is plenty to be found in op shops, so get out and buy second hand first.

3) Winter Food

Now there is so much to love about summer food – but then – SOUP! I just love soup and with my dietary restrictions it is an all-year round dinner for me, out of necessity. But it is great value and a healthy meal for the whole family. Also, slow cooker meals – prepare in the morning, leave all day and voila! Plus lots of hot drinks, and snuggly toast with butter by that fire.

helen edwards writes Australian writer

4) The light

Light is very important to me and there is something about late autumn and winter light that is exquisite. The sky can be cloudy and grey, with stray coloured autumn leaves still hanging on branches, glowing against it. When the sun sneaks out from under the clouds, it can glow golden. Magic. The late afternoon light is particularly gorgeous. Try getting outside around 4 pm and just soak it in, you will feel wonderful.

Helen Edwards Australian Writer and Blogger

Snuggling on the Great Ocean Road in winter

5) Snuggling

In winter you get to snuggle – people, pets and your favourite rugs. You can add all manner of textural, warm and delicious throws, to your decorating scheme. Add them to your favourite chairs and your bed, so you can wrap them around you or over your knees while you sit in the evenings or read a book on the weekend.20150531_132935[1]

6) The Sea

The sea in winter turns all magnificent and wild and tumbly. And better still there are less people there! It may not be all about the swimming, but it is certainly all about the scent, sound and the feel, of being at the sea. A visit to the beach on a wild wintery day will invigorate you for days.whale 1

7) Whales

Whales are one of my favourite animals. Do you have a favourite? I just adore them and we once drove across the Nullarbor and back in 17 days, in a camper, with 2 of our 3 children. I was going to a conference in Perth, but for me, it was all about the fact we could stop in both directions at the Head of the Bight to see the whales and their babies. One of the best experiences of my life. There are spots all over Australia to view them.

So there are 7 reasons for the season of winter. And if you just hate it all the way through, the best thing I can say is that spring is just around the corner.

What is your favourite time of year and why?
 **update from a post in 2016


  1. Kaye Woods on June 16, 2015 at 5:08 pm

    I agree with the soup bit!
    Soup, glorious soup, nothing quite like it for feeding a group.
    Into a capacious, copper bottomed pot goes meat, veggies, noodles, the lot!
    Stirring as it boils and bubbles- without very much toil or trouble.
    Leftovers needn’t go to waste, they’ll add some body and some taste.
    I can whip up something sure to please- without the help of recipes.
    Not authentic, just a bit phoney is my interpretation of minestrone.
    Warms you up, hot and steamy, whether it’s clear or maybe creamy.
    You can even have it in a mug to make you feel all cosy and snug.
    Coming from our productive pumpkin patch, this one’s pretty hard to match
    Hungry hordes can be fed with just a bowl and crusty bread
    Healthy scoops they will hungrily ladle, slurping noisily round the table.
    My one pot wonders will amaze- keeps us old folk going for days and days.
    At just one serve I cannot stop, especially if there’s croutons on the top.
    Of the chunky type I can’t get enough but not the watery, brothy stuff.
    Although of the home made I am a fan, there’s nothing wrong in opening a can.
    I will try to make all different kinds but I can’t do tomato like Mr. Heinz!
    Have a “souper” weekend whatever you do- it’ll stop you from freezing and turning blue.

  2. Recycled_Interiors on June 18, 2015 at 5:12 pm

    @Kaye Woods I just love your poetry!!

  3. Shannon at my2morrows on June 20, 2015 at 7:26 am

    I’m more of a summer gal but appreciate all the seasons for the variety they bring. Spring and Autumn in Sydney are particularly divine! I do love a beach walk in winter though! And coats, boots and scarfs in winter are the best! Looks like you grew up near where I did! I’m from Port Lincoln originally. I remember our driving trips to Adel passing through pt Augusta how hot it got there!

  4. Cherre Blossom Owen on August 3, 2016 at 1:10 pm

    Beautiful photo, I made a rug just like that , will post you a photo of my rug,it was a lot of work doing it but I really love it

  5. Cherre Blossom Owen on August 3, 2016 at 1:10 pm

    Beautiful photo, I made a rug just like that , will post you a photo of my rug,it was a lot of work doing it but I really love it

  6. Helen Brumby on August 3, 2016 at 3:03 pm

    Your photo is beautiful, sitting there on a gloomy winters day would really cheer one up, maybe i should work on it as i really get the winter blues

  7. Recycled Interiors & The Sustainable Home Hub on August 3, 2016 at 5:23 pm

    oh that is so gorgeous! Great work

  8. Recycled Interiors & The Sustainable Home Hub on August 3, 2016 at 5:24 pm

    yes, you should get some colour and some creating into your life, it really helps 🙂

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