7 tips to Manage Food at Christmas When You Have Dietary Restrictions

Do you live with food restrictions? As a person living with type 1 diabetes as well as a multitude of stomach problems my list of food restrictions is large and complex. If you have a health condition or other reason to have limits on your food choices, then Christmas can be fraught with problems with all those social events.  Here are 7 tips to Manage Food at Christmas When You Have Dietary Restrictions.

7 tips to Manage Food at Christmas When You Have Dietary Restrictions

1) Plan ahead

Talk to the hosts or the restaurant where you are going and be clear about what you can and can not eat. Be sure there are options available for you when you arrive rather than make a fuss at the time, or miss out!

2) Take Your Own

Pack snacks you know you can eat in your bag, so you can nibble on those when you are not sure what will be available. Take a few things in case there is nothing available for you.

3) Host the event yourself

If you host the event then you have control over what food is served and can be sure to cater for everyone who has particular food needs as well. Ask your guests if they have any food needs, to set an expectation in your friendship groups that this should be considered.

6) Ask if it can be a bring a plate event

Chat with your family and friends about making your party a bring a plate event, so you can bring something suitable for your needs. Most other people will also bring their favourite meals. Just be sure to get what you want before putting the plate out for general eating, so you don’t miss out!

7) Accept the situation

It can be hard for a host to know everyone’s different needs when it comes to food. Nowadays people not only have medical and health related reasons for food restrictions, but personal, cultural and religious choices. It can be hard to know how to cater for all needs! Accept that your needs may not be met or that there will be dishes you can not eat. Have something to eat before you head out, so you are not starving and then eat what you are able and enjoy the occasion rather than letting it get to you.
And enjoy!
Do you have any tips to add? Or have you experienced a tricky situation with food at an event or party?

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