A Creative Life with Pete Goodlet

Pete Goodlet is a man who has made creating his life. With numerous strings to his bow, he  has his own art business – Pete Goodlet Art and Design, is a garden designer and runs a bed and breakfast in Peregian Beach, Queensland, which he has lovingly decorated in his signature style.  Pete describes himself as an artist, designer and lover of life…(also an excellent daiquiri maker!) and he loves a singalong at the pianola – I can attest to this having seen some of the raucous evening events he posts on his instagram! He is also a brilliantly funny writer and you can read his stories on his website.  Pete says his partner David is  his “go to man” for technical help, and an endless support in all of their endeavours. “My two lovely children and our new puppy Oscar Wilde complete our immediate family” says Pete.
Pete’s business is an integral part of his creative life.

He has been designing gardens for over twenty years. Initially he worked with Rick Eckersley Design and Jamie Durie, at Patio. “Rick was a brilliant innovative designer and our design styles just clicked. My gardens are creative spaces designed for absolute liveability. I love to create a great flow between outside and in” he explains. Pete uses skills learnt through different life experiences, including being a qualified carpenter and a Permaculture Design graduate. His gardens always include some food plants – especially herbs and a lemon tree for your G&T! “I like to incorporate the use of buildings or materials that are already onsite, repurposing them in a creative way. I am also a big believer in utilising low voltage lighting to highlight garden features and extend the usable hours of the garden. My gardens are delightful spaces with a relaxed feeling of joyful liveability” he says.

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Pete has always created beautiful objects from timber furniture, whimsical works in wire and glass and paintings. His paintings reflect the magical world that is around us – be it our families, pets or the stunning country we live in. His website is themed as a “World of Love and Whimsy” and he reflects that in his artwork. Pete often uses recycled building materials and repurposed materials found onsite, and also designs sustainable aspects in his gardens, such as clotheslines, vegetable gardens and low water use plants.

“Commission art works are one of my favourite things to do, as I capture your loved ones including the furry friends that enhance our lives. All of my customers say that my work makes them smile and to me that is the highest compliment I could ask for”.

pete goodlet artworks
pete goodlet artworks
pete goodlet artworks
pete goodlet artworksPete and his partner David have created beautiful spaces to live in and are always renovating. In Daylesford they renovated an 1860’s miners shack. This was rebuilt using found timber from the tip woodpile. The couple’s latest project has the been the creation of Boheme, a delightful holiday shack located on their acreage block at Peregian Beach. Here they have created a fabulous vintage subtropical feel. The locally sourced bamboo fence adds a touch of Gilligan’s Island, while safely containing their much loved puppy visitors. The courtyard and interior are enhanced by a great collection of vintage and repurposed furniture pieces, Pete’s paintings and wire and glass work. The garden is full of lush subtropical plantings, birdsong and a gorgeous pink flamingo called Fabio.

Boheme in Peregian Beach

Pete and David’s Holiday House Project in DaylesfordPete and David's Holiday House Project in Daylesford

Pete’s tips on a more sustainable home

  • Our planet is something we all have to try and protect. Unfortunately our present government puts money before the environment, which is incredibly shortsighted.
  • Therefore each of us has to work harder on an individual level.
  • We recycle everything we can, buy nearly everything second hand including our clothes and furniture.
  • We have solar hot water and power, our own water supply and sewerage treatment plant. We are hoping to start growing more of our own food soon.
  • All design should focus on passive solar heating and cooling and incorporate low wattage power, sun dried clothes and some food plants.
  • I encourage all of my garden clients to reuse existing structure or materials and design low water usage gardens.
  • Be gentle to our planet and be kind.

You can follow here to Pete’s website and all of his wonderful work. 

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