All in The Family – World Diabetes Day 2019

Copywriter Adelaide Dr Helen Edwards

I still can’t believe I actually finished my PhD and am Dr Edwards! My topic, Supporting the Journey of Pregnancy for Women with type 1 diabetes, is very personal. I was diagnosed with #type1diabetes in January 1980, aged 12 year old. I was told, along with many things, that I would never have children and that if I dared, they would be deformed or stillborn. I was told I would likely lose my sight, kidneys and legs. I was given a ‘forbidden foods’ list and urine testing equipment and big, clumsy needles and pig insulin, and sent back to start year 8.

I was 12….

Here I stand, 40 years later, proud Mama to 3 beautiful sons, wife of my funny, loving, supportive, caring, hardworking husband, daughter to the best humans in the world, sister to an incredible woman, Aunty to the most divine niece and nephew.

Despite complications and chronic issues with my physical and mental health, I have my eyes, kidneys and legs. I am a Mama. I am here, living an incredible life. I work bloody hard to manage my diabetes like a ninja. My diabetes specialist recently told me, ‘You will die WITH #diabetes, not FROM diabetes’. Today is #worlddiabetesday and the theme is #mydiabetesfamily 

My life has so far, been a richly filled journey of wonderful and terrible. I live in full colour, at top speed. I try to look forward to each and every day, no matter what it brings. Without my family, I literally wouldn’t be here. It’s their love and practical support that got me through my darkest days. They are my sun, my moon, my stars and my universe. They listen when I rage about diabetes and its daily crap. Their hearts are melted into mine. I am forever grateful for being part of their lives. They make everything worth it and everything better.

Celebrate your loved ones today, whether you are affected by diabetes or not. We must hold each other tight.

Helen x

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