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Ash Allen studied a Bachelor of Engineering (Mech)/ B. Arts and later an MBA at La Trobe University. Married with three children, Ash lives in Rosanna, Victoria, and enjoys family time, designing/making and playing tennis. He is presenting his work at the upcoming Design, Made, Trade, part of Decoration and Design Exhibition in Melbourne and I can not wait to see his work in the flesh. The winner of the Green Award at Vivid in 2012, he fits perfectly with the philosophy of sustainable design.

Ash takes a Design Philosophy of “Small footprint, big impact” and uses sustainable, recycled and recyclable materials. He also follows the “Design for Disassembly (DfD)” principle – which is all about considering the future need to disassemble a product for repair, refurbish or recycle. Will a product need to be repaired? Which parts will need replacement? Who will repair it? How can the experience be simple and intuitive? Can the product be reclaimed, refurbished, and resold? If it must be discarded, how can we facilitate its disassembly into easily recyclable components? By responding to questions like these, the DfD method increases the effectiveness of a product both during and after its life.

Ash uses design principles and elements for maximum effect, creating contemporary styling and heirloom quality in his work. He crafts locally by hand, paying attention to detail and his work shows an intuitive elegance and simplicity. Taking inspiration from, and making use of, natural phenomena and a “less is better” approach, he approaches design with “meaningful play”, making time to keep exploring ideas, pushing boundaries and enjoying the creative process. His aim is to design exciting pieces of real intrinsic value and worth.

Read more about Ash here and See him at booth AI1

Melbourne Exhibition Centre
July 18 – 21

Stools by Ash Allen

“Lionheart” Stools by Ash Allen

Sticks and Stones, Ash Allen

Sticks and Stones, Ash Allen

Ash Allen winner at Vivid 2012

Ash Allen winner at Vivid 2012



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