I Remember The Days

I remember the days Where we piled the car Sky-high Fuller than full Boots in the backseat Jackets strewn across bags For forest walks And mountain climbs Bathers packed Despite it being July Just in case… The boys waking early Packing their ‘carry on bags’ Full of books and lego and Possibilities… Raucous games Counting…

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A Hopeful New Year

Australian bushfires 2020

This year, in May-June, we drove from Adelaide to Melbourne, to Bega, to Canberra, to Jindabyne, to Lakes Entrance, to Healesville, to Lake Boga/Swan Hill, to Adelaide – moving through 3 states. It was one of the best roadtrips ever, especially the day we drove down from Jindabyne, through incredible country, covering sparkly snow topped…

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Respecting Our Planet On The Wide-Open Road

I have been quiet on the blog recently because I was finishing my thesis and have now submitted it! Wish me luck. We then took a family road trip, which included me attending two children’s writing events. We traversed across lots of wonderful places in Victoria and NSW, including Melbourne, Bega, Tathra, Canberra, Jindabyne, Lakes…

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Taking Steps Towards a More Sustainable Life

I am one of the lucky ones. As a little girl my head was filled with knowing. About the importance of love. About the way everything is so much better when you notice the small things. About how the sunlight through the trees, or the gentle sounds of the waves, or the ducks waddling along…

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Why Noticing Matters

why noticing the world matters in sustainability with vintage homewares

Have you ever sat in the middle of a busy place and just watched people bustling past? When you do, you see them all going in their different directions with their personal needs and plans, often not even seeing what is around them, or each other. Likewise, have you ever sat by a river or…

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Tips For a More Eco-Friendly Road Trip

tips for an eco friendly road trip

What is your favourite way to see the world? Mine is undoubtedly via a road trip. We are about to embark on our first 2 week road trip without our other 2 boys. We have had a smaller trip as a trio, but this one will take us across to Daylesford, Melbourne and back via…

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