I Remember The Days

I remember the days

Where we piled the car


Fuller than full

Boots in the backseat

Jackets strewn across bags

For forest walks

And mountain climbs

Bathers packed

Despite it being July

Just in case…

The boys waking early

Packing their ‘carry on bags’

Full of books and lego and


Raucous games

Counting car colours

4-wheel drives and trucks

Eye-Spy and I’m Thinking Of

Before the littlest could spell

Hot tea in a flask

Cakes in an esky

Gorging at roadside stops

Stomping feet in cold drizzle

Gasping as we traversed

The Greatest Ocean Road

Twinkling silver stars rising

Across darkened seas

Slippery grey seals

Lazing on black rocks

Taking tea at a lavender farm

Reminding me of somewhere

I’d been before…

Panning for gold

In a sweet replica village

Our son enamoured

By red-coats marching

Scouring tumbling junk stores

Antique shops filled

With curiosities





Driving ever downwards

From Australia’s tallest mountain

From the ski village

That stole my heart

Enormous granite boulders

That made me gasp

Standing watch across the landscape

Stopping on quiet back roads

To take pictures

So I wouldn’t forget…

Passing thick forest

Green light glimmering

Across sky-high tree-tops

Rushing past them, now, a regret

For they’d soon be burning…

Arriving in a tiny fishing town

Boats clamouring at the dock

Icy winds on our cheeks

Each night a new house

Each day a different view

Each moment forever with us

So many memories

Wrapped up together

Winding back through years

Like the roads we travelled

These days of my life

Buried in my bones

Dusted across my cheeks

Captured inside my eyes

Curled up safely in my heart

I remember the days

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