Duncan Meerding Releases New Designs at World’s Largest Decorative Light Show

STUMP- The Cracked Log Lamp/Table/Stool by Duncan Meerding
Stump Light - recently awarded best floor light in DARC awards 2018

Stump Light – recently awarded best floor light in DARC awards 2018

Duncan Meerding, one of my favourite Australian designers, credited with the wonderful Cracked Log and Stump lights, has launched a new range of handmade, sustainable lighting, at the Euroluce decorative light trade exposition, in Milan.

Flat-pack Propeller Pendant Light in Tasmanian Eucalyptus

The new designs include a wall mounted Log Light and an 85 cm diameter Propeller Light. The new Propeller light, the Propeller Blossom, is a continuation of the Propeller range, being the largest hanging variation to date. The original Propeller Open and Propeller Droop were also on show, with two new variations in finishes on display – a stained ebonised black and a laminate copper version, which combines a highly polished copper inside, with the softer tones of Tasmanian eucalyptus timber on the outside.

Duncan Meerding Stump lights display

Duncan Meerding Ebonised propeller with others

Duncan Meerding and his cracked log lamps chats with us on the Recycled Interiors blog
Duncan Meerding Stump Lamp
The very popular Stump Light was also on display. This 2018 DARC international award-winning light continued to gain interest. The logs used to create this earthy lighting design feature cracks, which are often associated with waste. These are built into the design as a feature, creating a unique light vessel each time. The vision of light bursting from the sides of the Stump Light, highlights the alternative sensory world in which Duncan designs, being partially blind. He has less than 5% vision, concentrated around the periphery. Stump can be installed both indoors and outdoors, with a keyhole lock-down system available to secure the lighting for commercial and public applications.Each Stump Light measures approximately 40 cm high by 30 cm wide, with variations in width due to the salvaged nature of the material. It has been designed to be utilised as a table or a seat, while also being a unique light source.

DUncan Meerding Cracked Log Lamps Pendant 2

Duncan Meerding Cracked Log Lamps Pendant

Cracked Log Pendant Light by Duncan MeerdingAlso launched at Euroluce in Milan in April, was the Cracked Log Wall Sconce, a new design in the Cracked Log Light range. It has many similar attributes to the Stump Lights and Cracked Log Lights and Pendants, through the salvaged nature of the wood and the fissure light effect, but also can be installed on the wall as either an up-light or a down-light.

Cracked Log Wall Sconce

Cracked Log Lamp

Cracked Log and Stump Lights

Much of the display at the exhibition came with Duncan himself. This was made possible through the flat-pack nature of the Propeller lights on show. Exhibiting at Euroluce was an ambitious task for the 32 year old, being an independent designer from Tasmania, far away across the other side of the world. It is a testament to Duncan’s skills and passion for his craft.
Euroluce 2019 built on Duncan’s success from last year, where he exhibited at Venice Design 2018 an official satellite of the Venice Biennale; he also had work commissioned by a range of clients and projects including the Choctaw Nation Cultural Heritage Facility in Oklahoma, Oak Restaurant in Bahrain, Google offices in Singapore and Clarion Hotel in Stockholm.
It is so wonderful to see the continued success of this talented designer, and lovely human being, who is taking his extensive design skills to create beautiful and useful items, in a sustainable way.
To see more and purchase Duncan’s beautiful designs, head here. 

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