Why You Should Eat Life For Breakfast

why you should eat life for breakfast

On the last day of the year in 2016 we are focused on the colours and textures of our rich lives and all that comes with it.
The easy, the hard, the moments of joy and those of heartbreak.
The multitude of experiences that make up a day, a week, a month, a year, a life.
Things that make days tough and challenge us.
Those that excite us and remind us of what matters.
The quiet and the noise.
All emotions have a part in our lives.
All experiences are important.
None of us can truly know another person but we can open our hearts and minds to theirs and reach a place of realising that there’s no plan, no real complexity.
Just the constant nature of the sun rising and setting,
The absolute certainty of our final day on earth
and the importance of embracing your each and every day in between arrival and departure.
Eat life for breakfast.
Copyright Helen Edwards 31/12/16

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