Nick Sadowsky & his Spindent Light

I met Nick Sadowsky during VIVID at Decoration and Design in July.  He was showing his gorgeous Spindent Light above. Nick talked me through his design process and what the Spindent is all about. I was very taken with both the design and his passion for his work. We had a chat about his work and plans for the future. It is so great to see the wonderful young talent we have in Australia when it comes to furniture and homeware designers.

The Spindent by Nick Sadowski

The Spindent by Nick Sadowski

Can you share some details about your work and how you got into design?

My work is surrounded by a few principles. Through a choice of aesthetic approaches, I try to design pieces that are innovative and have an engaging nature. I like the idea that a design aesthetic (the way it looks) is always in harmony with the function (what is is supposed to do, its purpose) and is surrounded by sustainable principles. Combining all these ideas together ensures a timeless piece that is considerate to the environment.

I really got into design while I was doing design subjects at high school. I did a design subject every year and when I chose an elective in year 9 it became my favourite subject immediately.  That didn’t change throughout my high school years and I don’t see it changing for the rest of my life! After high school I began my Bachelor of Industrial Design at UTS. I am in my third year now of four and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute! In my second year I started doing my self-commissioned work and entered VIVID last year, where I got my first taste of the industry and I have been doing more of my own work ever since.


What do you love about design and can you share your process with us?

I can’t really say one thing, as I enjoy the end product and seeing its impact on the world just as much as I enjoy going through the process, from initial sketches to prototypes.

My process is still developing, as I learn something new every day. Design is very much about the process, whether it be sketching to model making and then 3D modelling and so on. It is also about continued development and refinement, ensuring when you have an idea, that you can extract the most out of it and get the best product at the end.

The inspiration for my ideas come from numerous outlets, for example; I look at the materials and processes and take inspiration about how I can use them. I look to natural world and observe the environment around me. Numerous people inspire me, whether they be established or emerging designers and/or my lecturers/tutors.

Spindent in black by Nick Sadowsky

Spindent in black adonised by Nick Sadowsky


What are your future plans and some of your current work?

In the future, I hope to have my own studio where I do a combination of client based work for furniture/lighting companies and self-commissioned work that is then sent off to furniture/lighting companies.

Some of my recent works include Spindent and Un-Hinged. Both these pieces are on display at Workshopped, which is on from the 15th-25th of August at the Supa Centre, Moore Park. Spindent is a pendant light and Un-Hinged is a folding stool.

Un-Hinged by Nick Sadowsky

Un-Hinged by Nick Sadowsky

Spindent began with a few concept ideas that developed into a brief. The brief began with the major themes of a timeless design that was also sustainable. A light was suitable to investigate, as it will always been needed by society and it is unrestricted in its potential. It was also a way to show sustainable design possibilities that have maximum visual impact with minimal environmental impact.

Concept development took place around a elegant and simple aesthetic where sustainable materials and processes could be used. I wanted to ensure that sustainability was meticulously considered throughout the product’s life-cycle. This resulted in the piece being assembled without any adhesives or screws and compactly coming together for efficient distribution. Finally, design for disassembly was implemented, considering the end of life of the product.

Un-Hinged began with looking at sustainable and flat-pack furniture. This then continued to develop into a brief where I would use FSC certified timber and incorporate no-adhesives during the assembly process. Looking more into the assembly process the idea for making it fold and always having flat-pack convenience came to fruition. It was then ensuring the mechanism worked seamlessly. Investigation into its aesthetic surrounded the innovative folding mechanism. Combining a simple, clean and elegant aesthetic with a fun and engaging nature.

Where to buy?

Spindent can be purchased through Workshopped and through Nick Sadowsky Design.
RRP is $350 and is available in black anodised and brushed aluminium.


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