Finding Stillness in the Moments

Realisation that life is so fleeting, that you are here and then, you are gone, brings your mind to rest quietly on the importance of the little things.

Noticing when you walk through your day, the tiny seed pod that has fallen from a tree which has stood for so many years, in that one place, observing all who pass, home to many chattering birds and busy bees going about their day.

Seeing the beauty in flowers, picked by the roadside, gathered up in your eager hands and carried home, finding them beautiful even after they fade.

Feeling the softness of a butterfly wing after finding her on the ground, still just as delicately pretty, though she can no longer fly, imagining what it must be like to have the gift of flight.

Hearing the chorus of a hundred bird voices as you wake, creating the most joyous of sound you have ever known.

Finding beauty in the old, the worn, tbe discarded. Seeing every day, even the ones that hurt, as a gift.
These are the things that make a life well lived. Noticing, seeing, finding stillness in the moments.

Have a wonderful day lovely ones 
Helen xx

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