Flourishing in the Face of Climate-Grief and Eco-Anxiety

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How do you hold onto hope when everything seems hopeless?

How do you enjoy daily life when it all feels pointless?

These kinds of feelings are things I have experienced before, as someone who has had depression a number of times. And I am feeling them now, but not due to depression. We are now seeing #climategrief affecting many of us. As the news about loss of so many species hits us this week, these feelings grow more intense. We MUST band together and build resilience so we can flourish in the face of the terrifying things we hear about our future, in particular we must enable this for our children.
We must share the frightening messages about climate change and environmental disaster, to push leaders into emergency action, but at the same time, we must nurture each other. This is the biggest challenge we face and we must face it together.

We must sit with this grief together. Otherwise we will become unable to act because people who feel trapped, powerless and beaten, will be incapacitated and too devastated to move forward.
Do you experience these feelings too? I would love to hear so we can work on these things, together
Helen x

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