Heart Home Nature

Six years ago, I started a little blog called Recycled Interiors, documenting my personal love of all things vintage, upcycled, handmade, homemade and sustainable. It’s taken me in many directions and connected me to many wonderful people. Lots has happened! I completed my qualifications in design, my PhD in Psychology and started writing children’s and YA books. I even had a vintage and eco shop for a little while.

Recycled Interiors in its original format no longer exists, but many of the old blogs are housed at my writing site. Alongside my children’s and YA fiction writing, as I continue my journey in treading more lightly on the earth, aiming to buy less, shop vintage, cook more, recycle, upcycle, refuse, reduce, garden, and treasure each day, I’ll be going back to writing about these things here on the blog and on my socials. I’ll also be sending (semi) regular emails with my latest recipes, gardening adventures, vintage and eco decorating and style, and all of the things I’m learning. I’ll also be sending updates on my current books in progress and (hopefully!) publishing news. Head here to sign up for news.

I look forward to sharing stories and ideas and experiences of Heart Home Nature #HeartHomeNature

Helen x


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