Kaleidoscopes and Rainbows

Sami says, ‘Good morning and Happy Monday😍 No matter what you’re facing today, remember to love someone, sniff them, sit on them, look them deeply in the eyes, always keep talking, tell them your fears, snuggle lots.’

Our beautiful rescue girl has had gut issues and high reactive anxiety on lead since we got her in November. Whimpering the whole time on walks, extreme pulling, worse with dogs barking behind fences, tail between legs etc. Extraordinarily hyper aroused a lot of the time and separation anxiety.

She is funny, loving, playful, sleeps all night, well behaved, responsive, adores us and the cats, very social with people and calm dogs. She does everything we ask, but she needs help.

She has been on a special diet for her tummy, but now changing to a different food, plus we started anti-anxiety meds. This weekend we walked on collar only (no harness cutting into her due to her pulling), very little pulling and virtually no whimpering. Still happy, silly, bouncy, loving, playful Sami. But our world has changed, for the better.

As a family of people with anxiety and gut issues, we have taken her issues in our stride. The vet said many others would have gotten rid of her. We couldn’t imagine that. Humans and animals are kaleidoscopes and rainbows. You are never broken because part of you is out of kilter or not working properly. You are always valuable and always worth loving.

So from Sami and me, never be afraid to ask for help. Never be ashamed to say you’re not coping. Never suffer in silence. Reach out to someone today and celebrate the unique beauty that makes up who you are.


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