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Kelsey Petherick, founder of Hey Kels, is a young woman on a mission. Living in beautiful Port Macquarie, her business mostly focuses on making sustainable fashion and beauty products. The fashion products are made out of organic and recycled materials and ther beauty products have no preservatives or harmful chemicals, being made from two main ingredients – shea butter and coconut oil.
Starting her business in September 2017, the 21 year old is currently working in Communications and Marketing fulltime, but always had a passion for wellness, beauty and fashion. “My hobbies include going to the beach, reading and making videos. Currently I am a solopreneur but maybe in the future once I get my feet under the desk I will get to hire more people!” she says.
Kelsey has always had a desire to start her own business, but never knew exactly what it would be. When she was working in retail a couple of years ago, she realised how much wastage including plastic waste, is produced in the manufacturing industry. “That is how the sustainable fashion business came into fruition. I then had to get the funds to make the clothes, and so I started making handmade beauty products and selling those online”. All of Hey Kels products including the packaging, are made out of recycled or biodegradable materials. Through her journey so far, she says she started to recognise how passionate she is about wellness and self development as well, and has incorporated this into her brand.
“At Hey Kels the aim is to empower purpose with everything we create while still protecting the Earth. We focus on educating, inspiring and motivating people to live their best life while taking the necessary steps towards their own dreams by providing tips, tricks and information through the form of blog posts, podcasts and videos all centred around self care, self love and protecting the earth” she says.
Kelsey posts and creates videos, to inspire and support you to better wellbeing and emotional health. She says that through meditation, journaling, affirmations and self development, she has learned to love her life and her mindset has shifted. She shares these experiences and encourages people to take the same steps in their lives. She combines this with sustainable living tips and guides on earth friendly beauty and fashion.
I think in this day and age people are starting get more and more conscious of the impact we have on the environment. Some people might think that it is hard to live a sustainable life, but that is simply not the case. There are plenty of little things that you can do to incorporate sustainability into your life, including making sure you put your rubbish in the right bin, buying quality over quantity and reuse and upcycle”.
It is so lovely to watch a young woman finding her way in business and putting her beliefs and heart into something that is making a difference.
You can connect with Kelsey here
Instagram: @heykels_
Youtube: Kelsey Petherick

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