Nature Fest SA Micro Grants 2021

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Nature Festival returns to South Australia this September after boasting more than 180 events right around SA for its inaugural year in 2020. From our own back gardens to the majesty of the Flinders Ranges, nature is central to who we are as South Australians and that’s exactly what Nature Festival will celebrate. 

If you haven’t heard of Nature Festival before, it’s an open access festival that will feature over 150  different events and activities across South Australia, dedicated to celebrating the role nature plays in the identity of all South Australians.

Now Nature Festival wants to allow everybody to be a part of the festivities with a series of $500 micro-grants available to help you start your own event as part of the 2021 festival!

Last year Nature Festival funded a ‘seed dating’ event, an ephemeral art workshop, a future of food event, a nature poetry slam, a bushtucker storytelling event about the lost Warki people, a dance workshop, a limestone carving workshop for kids, an instagram tree-pose and tree-planting campaign and more.

The micro-grants are seed funding to help event organisers try out new and unusual ways to connect South Australians with nature. They are made possible due to the generous support of Nature Festival’s Principal Sponsor, Green Adelaide.

Director of the Nature Festival Ryan Hubbard says he is thrilled Nature Festival is again offering the micro-grants and can’t wait to see what people come up with. 

“We are specifically interested in events and experiences that influence our shared narrative around how important nature is to most South Australians and that deepen our personal relationship with nature,” Mr Hubbard says. “The micro-grants were largely used to help the organisers cover basic costs and feel more comfortable taking the risk of trying new ideas. All of the events that were funded ended up being very successful, and many sold out.”

Ryan also adds that the struggles of the last year have actually shown us what’s important in life. 

“If this past year has shown us anything, it’s the importance of nature in our daily lives to help feel grounded, connected, happy, and healthy. While nature is an important part of the lives of most South Australians, we could all use more ways of celebrating and relating to nature. That’s what we hope to spark with these small grants.”

Nature Festival is on from the 25th of September to the 4th of October all around Adelaide and beyond. 

For more information and how to apply for a micro grant click here.

**Images supplied by Nature Fest

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