The Power of Words, And Tea


In a world that can be tough, confusing and cruel, when you feel that there is too much terror and hate, remember the power you have is within your words. Words are everything and have the ability to create change, to fight for freedoms and share love. Words cost only your time. Words in pen and type, words from your lips, words from your heart. The small act of sharing words each day can change someone’s life. A simple good morning, a compliment or congratulations. Acknowledging someone else’s words, and their existence. Words help you work out your life and fill you up in poetry and prose. Words hold our histories and speak of our futures. Words can be shared with others to encourage important change, and communicate anger, grief, shock, resistance, humour and love. Words are everything, they inspire and they connect us together. Give them freely and use them with care.

vintage tea cup trio made in England Foley Montrose Pattern

Time for Tea

That there was always time for tea, she was sure. Uncertain about the next moment, about what lay ahead, unable to predict her future, she sheltered in the absolute certainty of the making of tea. Bubbling hot water filled her ears, as she took down her favourite china teacup, its beauty catching her breath each time. The heady scent of the tea made her swoon. Each predictable step of the making was noticed. The best part, the lifting of the cup to her lips, the first taste as it filled her mouth. Cupped in her hand, warm against her lips, sweet on her tongue. It’s all in the making, she thought, in the moment, in the making of tea, and, it’s the moments that create a life.

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