Thoughts on Power, Diversity and Kindness

So many of the current problems in our world could be resolved with a few simple things – truly embracing difference and diversity, kindness, empathy, courage, compassion, hope and optimism, realising there’s enough for everyone if we change how things work, caring about future generations, letting go of fear, listening, especially to First Nations Peoples, and anyone who is discriminated against, and, understanding power isn’t about greed and selfishness. Real power is about agency – feeling strong in your own life, knowing you have the ability to change how you think and feel, you can act in your life to shift the direction and control outcomes, and that everything is going to be alright. At the centre of this, all people need the basics of life – food, shelter, clean water, healthcare and education, a life free from war and violence, someone to love, something to do, connection to culture, a way to contribute, and hope about the future – no matter who you are, or where you live.

Media and politics, greed, and the money hungry consumer beast, all work to undermine these things. These things are based on dark, hungry, selfish, irrationally frightened, disastrous, power seeking, that seeks to destroy diversity and crush difference. It seeks only to raise the individual who yields such power (And their mates).

But none of these things can be taken away from you.

Use your voice for those who are shackled and held down by barriers. Stand with others who understand. Create community who will speak against the madness of those who seek only to grow their own power. Let your fear of others go – listen to someone with a completely different experience of the world to you and really understand their perspective. Be kind. Always be kind. Rise up against selfish individualism driven by paranoia and fear, and know we stand here, holding our hands together, arms open, eyes clear, heart strong.

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