Tiny House workshop in Marrickville

Tiny House by The Bower and The Upcyclist in SydneyI know lots of you like to consider creative ways to live that tread more lightly on the planet. One of the things that can make a difference is to reduce the size of your home, which reduces living costs, and the need for “stuff”. It is not for everyone, but is on the increase in Australia. The ‘Tiny House’ movement advocates living a simple lifestyle in a small home. The idea is to reduce expenses and ecological impacts. Now, you can learn how to build your own on-trailer Tiny House with an intensive workshop by Marrickville-based charity, The Bower.

Tiny House by The Bower and The Upcyclist in Sydney
Tiny House by The Bower and The Upcyclist in Sydney
Tiny House by The Bower and The Upcyclist in SydneyThe course will run over 6 consecutive weekends, commencing 9th September 2017 and will be held at MakerSpace & Co in Marrickville. Participants will collectively build a ‘Tiny House on Wheels’ using recycled materials. Once complete, the tiny house will be available for purchase at The Bower’s annual fundraising auction in October.

Throughout the course, each participant will learn the necessary skills in carpentry and sustainability that are required for building a tiny house. The course will be led by James Galletly known for his work as ‘The Upcyclist’, along with specialist industry experts in carpentry, plumbing, solar installation and electricals.  James built The Bower’s first Tiny House in 2014 using recycled materials sourced from all corners of The Bower.

The Bower has been championing the Tiny House movement in Sydney since constructing a tiny house using recycled materials in 2014. In 2016, The Bower formed a partnership with TAFE and Mission Providence to run an intensive tiny house workshop as a work-for-the-dole initiative.
For more information about the Tiny House workshop, contact The Bower on 9568 6280.
Would you live in a tiny house?
**Photos by Alicia Fox Photography

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