Upcycled Garden Art From Barbed Wire

upcycled garden art from barbed wire

Sarah Browning of SB Creations, creates upcycled garden art for your home, using old barb wire, wire, old plough discs and used farm pieces. Starting in 2014, she began her business by making handmade soy candles. The garden art started in 2015, firstly with the creation of barb wire balls with her partner’s Mother, Lea. Sarah’s partner Scott is a qualified welder, so he had no choice but to become involved in creating different pieces for the garden – such as fire pits, spheres in a range of sizes, bulrushes, horse shoe garden art and much more! They now spend weekends together in the shed creating different pieces and attend local markets, where they enjoy meeting people and seeing their reactions to their pieces.
upcycled garden art from barb wire
upcycled garden art from barb wireSarah says it was a natural evolution without any real plans for a business – one turned into two, which turned into several more. Word of mouth is a very powerful thing. The upcycling and creating of pieces with old farm products is her favourite thing to do, and her family are also loving it because they have now cleared all their properties of old barb wire!upcycled garden art from barb wire
upcycled garden art from barb wireThe barb wire balls are a 2 person job and as Scott will not have anything to do with the barb wire, Lea and Sarah work together to roll out the barb wire, cut any unnecessary pieces off, as it is all from old fencing, and then they roll each length into a ball. Each set of barb wire balls can take up to 3-4 hours to make.
I just love this work and would definitely like to have some in my garden – how about you? Find Sarah and her creations on her Facebook page
upcycled garden art from barb wire
upcycled garden art from barb wire


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