Australian Reading Hour

I am very excited and proud to be an Ambassador for Australia Reads and the upcoming Australian Reading Hour 2023! Australian Reading Hour is a national day dedicated to sharing the joys of books, reading and stories. Spend one hour on the day reading, sharing and enjoying the stories you love with others! Australian Reading…

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Book Review: The Torrent by Dinuka McKenzie

The Torrent

A loving husband lost to devastating summer floods. A teenage girl injured during a robbery. Two seemingly unconnected cases that will push a detective to the brink. Do you have a favourite genre, or a preferred target age group when selecting books? I read everything from picture books to adult books and enjoy a range…

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The Bravest Word: Book Review

There is so much talent in our Australian writing community. We are very lucky. The result is an overflowing to-be-read pile and a sense of security, knowing there is always a next read on the shelves in my house, always a door to other worlds and other people’s experiences of life. I am going to…

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How to Turn a Wall into a Whiteboard Using Paint!

how to create a whiteboard wall your children can write and draw on using Monsta Paint Write Wall whiteboard paint

**This post is brought to you in partnership with Monsta Paint Children’s bedrooms need to be a place they can be themselves. It is not just where they rest their heads, but also where they grow, develop, brainstorm, imagine and dream. If you were lucky enough to have a space all of your own as…

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Fabulous Upcycling Ideas to Inspire with RETRASH

I am sharing a wonderful mix of upcycling ideas to inspire you today, with a bit of a book review of Retrash –  a high quality, soft cover coffee table book, showcasing inspirational ideas on reusing second hand materials, through upcycling. I met the author Nathan Devine, at a talk with the inspiring Terracycle at…

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Old Soul, Bespoke Upcycled Furniture

Do you love seeing the ingenious ways people are reinventing stuff? It is one of the best parts of my job! A while back I featured these upcyclers and am sharing them with you now for some inspiration. This is a fabulous upcycling team with a beautiful name – Old Soul. They design and make all…

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