Duncan Meerding Design at Euroluce 2017!

Cracked Log Pendant Light by Duncan Meerding
Duncan meerding Stump Lamp
You may have noticed our love affair with the work of Tasmanian designer, Duncan Meerding. We have featured his work numerous times and one of our features on Duncan’s Cracked Log Lamps and Stump Lights has been shared more than 200,000 times and helped to spread the word about his beautiful work, across the world. This April will see a return to the international design stage for Tasmanian furniture and lighting designer/maker, Duncan Meerding. Duncan’s unique designs have been selected to exhibit alongside 500 other leading international lighting designers at Euroluce, the largest lighting exposition in the world. This biennale event attracts over 300,000 trade specific visitors over five days, and is the ideal platform for Duncan to showcase his handcrafted, sustainable designs.

Duncan Meerding and his cracked log lamps chats with us on the Recycled Interiors blog
STUMP- The Cracked Log Lamp/Table/Stool by Duncan Meerding
Over the past 5 years, Duncan has witnessed a considerable shift in his audience,with the majority of his pieces now destined for the European and North American market. He attributes this change to growing international demand for quality, handmade design over mass manufactured, trend-driven items.
In response to this demand, last year Duncan travelled to Germany to participate at the Messe Frankfurt Light + Building, Euroluce’s sister-expo. The positive response was overwhelming; with visitors intrigued by his high-quality designs, unique perspective and incredible accomplishments.
Having lost his vision at age 18 to a genetic condition, with less than 5% sight remaining, Duncan’s work reflects the alternate sensory world in which he presides. Rather than hone in on intricate details, Duncan’s objects explore form, the relationship between light and shadow and the natural texture of the materials he uses.
In short, Duncan’s designs give us insight into the way in which he experiences the world. Duncan stresses the importance of continuing participation at such high profile, international expositions, which lend an incomparable credibility to emerging artists. This said, there are huge barriers to overcome for young Australian designers wishing to participate at exhibitions like Messe Frankfurt and Euroluce; finance, geography and language barriers to name a few. Duncan has been fortunate enough to receive two grants, from the Arts Council of Australia and Arts Tasmania, to help him realise this dream.
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