Fear Not The Sea

coobowie bay isolation poetry fear not the sea

Fear not,
For the sea shan’t
Let us down.
It will be waiting,
Its predictable tides
Its quiet ripples
Its tumbling waves,
Ready for our emergence
From our quiet places,
From our loss
Of each other,
From our yearning
For the freedom
Of wide open spaces.
It will be waiting,
For our toes to dabble
Within its wholeness,
For our bodies to dive
Within its depths,
For our eyes to gaze
Upon it’s vastness,
Salt on our tongues
Sunshine on our backs
Sand between our toes
Birds across the blue.
Take solace
In it’s constant presence,
Filled with dark spaces,
Responding to the silver
Face of the moon,
Each ocean touching
The other,
Connecting us,
Surrounding us,
In a circle of water.
Fear not,
For no matter what,
The sea shan’t
Let us down.

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