How to Crochet a Tealight Lantern Cover

Leah King is a country girl born and bred. Growing up in Ceduna South Australia, she relocated just down the road to Streaky Bay after meeting her now husband. “We have one daughter who is 6 and an absolute delight, fun, feisty & fearless” she says. A registered nurse by day, she works locally and occasionally does some remote nursing. Today we are sharing one of her fantastic crochet patterns – how to crochet a tealight lantern cover. She has a number of creations and we will be sharing a couple, so stay tuned for more. Leah says she finds crochet a fabulous way to unwind after a challenging shift!

Leah started crocheting 3 years ago when her family was travelling around Australia in their van. “I wanted to make a market bag and it took me about 4 weeks” she explains. “I borrowed a ‘how to crochet’ book from the library and I was hooked!”. Leah found that she could read and understand patterns almost straight away – so she moved on to more challenging projects quickly.

With a preference for working with natural fibres; wool, cotton, hemp, linen, silk, as well as unusual or recycled yarn, Leah recently made a big outdoor mat using ‘telstra’ rope. “I am easily bored so I am constantly seeking new patterns and designs, particularly in clothing” she says. “My wardrobe is slowly being taken over by dresses”.
Leah from Snakewood and Grace and her crochet light hangingWith a small online presence on Instagram and Facebook, Leah takes orders online via enquiry. She attends the local markets each year and has a great deal of support locally, selling out at her last two markets. You can view her work on Facebook – ‘Snakewood and Grace’  – or Instagram @snakewoodandgrace. She is in the early stages of setting up a web page and blog which she hopes to add more to as soon as time and work permits.

The first pattern  she is sharing with us today is  this crochet lantern tutorial – which is basically recycling old jars and turning them into beautiful lanterns. It is pitched at advanced beginner level and includes step by step instructions. We will share the gorgeous Audrey Dress (below) pattern soon.
Audrey Dress - crochet dress tutorial

How to upcycle an old jar and create a gorgeous tealight crochet lanternCrochet Lantern tutorial

Leah has used a 2.75mm hook and 4ply cotton for this pattern
how to crochet a lantern cover - step 1

  1. Chain 5, join with slip stitch (ss) into first chain to form ring.

2. 12 single crochet (sc) into ring, join with ss into first sc.
how to crochet a latern 3
3. Chain 4, *double crochet in to next stitch, chain 1*, repeat from * to * to end. Slip stitch into 3rd chain of starting chain.
how to crochet a latern 4
4. Slip stitch into chain space. Chain 1, single crochet in same space. *chain 3, single crochet in next space* repeat from * to * to end. Omit last SC, slip stitch into starting SC.
how to crochet a latern 5 and 6
5. Slip stitch into chain space. Chain 1, single crochet in same space. *chain 4, single crochet in next space* repeat from * to * to end. Omit last SC, slip stitch into starting SC.
6. Continue each round as per round 5 but increasing by an extra chain each round until the motif is almost the size of your jar bottom. (Ie, 4ch loops, next round 5ch loops, next round 6ch loops).
how to crochet a latern 7
7. Once your motif is almost the size of the jar bottom, continue the following rounds with the same amount of chains in your loops. In other words, stop increasing. If you ended with 6 chain loops that’s how you will continue. This makes the ‘sides’ of your lantern. Continue to work In rounds as above until your work Is almost the height of your jar.
how to crochet a latern 8 and 9
8. Slip stitch into chain space, chain 2. Half double crochet into each chain space one less stitch than in the chain loop. Ie. if your chain loops had 6 chains, you will work 5 HDC in each space. Slip stitch into 2nd chain of start chain.
9. Now squeeze your jar into your lantern. If it’s too tight and won’t fit, undo the last round and repeat it with the jar in. how to crochet a latern 1
10. With your jar in place, chain 1, sc in same stitch. Sc In next 2 stitches, then SC 2 together. *SC in next 3 stitches, SC 2 together.* rpt from * to * to end.
11. If your lantern is still loose around the top, repeat round 10. Bind off, weave in ends.
12.Pop in your tea light. I recommend putting sand in your jar, or blu tak in the bottom of your tea light to prevent it slipping around. If the flame heats up the glass there is a risk of it breaking, so please be careful. 12v tealights are available from spotlight and are a safe alternative.

*updated post from 2016


  1. Mrilyyn on March 16, 2018 at 7:12 pm

    If you wish you could crochet the top section back and forwards and add decorative bottons and loops and the cover can be removed to wash or to wash the jar

    • helene on March 23, 2018 at 9:07 am

      great tips! I love that thanks for sharing

  2. Carolyn on March 18, 2018 at 7:39 am

    I’m sure I would be no good at this. I could knit as a young girl, but never crochet. It looks lovely though

    • helene on March 23, 2018 at 9:06 am

      me either, not a knitter or crochet person but I love it too!

  3. Deb K on October 24, 2021 at 11:49 pm

    Love these! What an adorable idea. I’d love to make the one with the mandala in it. Do you sell the pattern for the others by any chance? They’d be such cute deck lights!

    • Helen Edwards on December 8, 2021 at 6:22 am

      so sorry, no we don’t! It is lovely though

  4. Shelley on February 1, 2023 at 10:44 am

    Thank you so much for the pattern …. I did it with a 4L pickle jar and turned out great ! I see other types of jar covers in the pic above ….. Would you happen to have a link to the pattern for them? Thanks again 😊

    • Helen Edwards on February 20, 2023 at 9:02 am

      I am sorry but I don’t. Glad to hear you have had success with the project!

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